Saturday, August 3, 2013

Orders End Thursday 8/8

Hi Darlings!

I am in the midst of filming the next tutorial...yay!!! but I had to take a minute to let you know that the Stitched9 Jumpsuit has been VERY POPULAR and we are almost completely out of fabric so the ordering will end on Thursday 8/8

Stitched9 items are meant to be limited so that you get a piece that not everyone on earth also has, lol!
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  1. well you make a tutorial for this one

  2. I am glad you you told us these items were meant to be sold for limited time as not to sell to the entire population. I was wondering why made to order would be limited.

  3. You look amazing!

  4. This is a beautiful jumpsuit, mimi! What fabric did you use for the red? The drape is beautiful, but it also looks heavier than a typical jersey...

  5. Mimi, are you going to do a tuitorial on this jumpsuit. N'Dia ia dying to have this, and I would love to make it for her.

  6. Inspiring and definitely inspired

  7. Can you please bring this one back?? I love it!


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