Monday, October 14, 2013

Blazer Tutorial is HERE! DIY Your OWN Blazer

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Hi Darlings!

Today is the day and I am so excited. The BLAZER COURSE has arrived and the first lesson has been posted! BUY NOW


When you purchase the course below you will get an email instantly, click on the link in that email and it will open a PDF file that you SAVE to your computer. That PDF file contains EVERYTHING you  need to access the video files and more including: Tools, Fabric suggestions, Pattern Suggestions, Plus Size Options, Tips and of course the Link and Password to the videos.

The videos will be posted in a series of lessons over the next 5 weeks with OVER 5.5 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION! and the first lesson is READY NOW. You can start at ANY TIME and the videos will remain accessible to you to view as often as you wish. Next Monday when I post week 2 all you have to do is log on and the video will appear. At the end of the 5 weeks you will have a total of 5 videos with never ending access ;-) 

One last thing.... Michael Levine is having a sale! 20% off the ENTIRE store so go check out my picks for blazer fabrics included in your PDF and Simplicity Patterns are 5 for $5.00 at Joann's (ends today)
Enjoy the first lesson! BUY NOW


Pattern Guidelines & Taking Measurements
Choosing Size & Cutting Pattern
Measure RTW (ready to wear) Clothes to Understand Pattern Ease 
Transferring Paper Pattern to Muslin *A muslin is used to create a "test" that we will use to make fitting adjustments until a good fit is reached*

Cutting & Pinning Muslin

Sewing Muslin & Test Fitting
Making Adjustments (small bust or full bust adjustments included)
Transferring our marked muslin back to paper to create a clean pattern that you can keep and reuse 
Cutting our Fashion Fabric
Reviewing Construction & Structure
Start Building Our Blazer

Transfer any necessary fit adjustments we made to our pattern pieces to our lining 
Create a lining if there is no lining for the pattern
Cut and sew our lining pieces
Decide on Design Details

Sewing our Blazer 
Attaching a Collar and Lapel 
Creating Bound Buttonholes

Making any further adjustments
Attaching our lining
Hand finishing the blazer 


  1. Yes I am sooo happy and I just bought my first sewing machine thanks to you Mimi

  2. Girl i been waiting for monday for this!! So now just waiting to receive the email for those of us that purchased early! :) Yeah!!!! Thanks for doing this Blazer tut!

    1. The email with the PDF was sent out this morning, please check your spam folders and email at if you dont find it and I will resend.

  3. Hi Mimi, did you send out the link to the people that pre-ordered? I have not gotten it yet.. I am waiting with tip-toe

    1. Yes. Check your spam or email me at so I can find your paypal email and resend.

  4. Hi ! My name is Tamica and I am interested in sewing and would like to know what would be your first choice of what kind of sewing machine as a beginner?

    1. Check the tab under the header "Wanna Sew" I have my picks there.

  5. This is so awesome that you offer this! I wish I had the patients to do something like this!

  6. I got my email and attached PDF, just noticed it a little earlier today (btw, I was one of those that preordered). I hate I missed the pattern sale today...I have at least 10 jacket patterns, but feel I need the exact one you will be using, LOL. Off to check out the video!

  7. I missed the sale at Joann's but that's cool! Just happy got another tut to help me on my sewing journey! Thank you Mimi for all that you do!

  8. YAY! I've been looking for tutorials that last couple of days.

  9. I've been waiting for this since I pre-purchased the course. Can't wait to get started.

  10. Purchased patterns yesterday from JoAnns :-)...
    Have never sewed before......
    Buying my Singer machine Saturday....
    Purchasing the Blazer tutorial this weekend....
    Just spent $400.00 on three blazers and still have to get them tailored......This is where I draw the line :-)
    So excited to be part of this wonderful sewing community that has a wonderful founder!!!!!!!

  11. I'm so impressed your work and garments!!! I was wondering if this course is geared for people who have never sewed before sewed basic things? Also I was wondering if I can by this course at any time or is there a time frame?

    Thanks so kindly

  12. Mimi, do you mind sharing what pattern is used for this blazer?

    1. I have done a few projects but I was wondering if this would be too advance for a beginner?

  13. I think it's genius that you are starting to offer classes. Best of luck to you!


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