Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gap Jeans + Sweater: Casual Look

Hi Darlings

I bet you guys can already tell by my daily looks what kind of week I am having, lol. Casual wear looks all week means Mimi is busy! I am so looking forward to meeting so many of you at this years conference! I am almost done with a few details so I will be posting the hotel info as well as an initial itinerary.

Today is another crazy filled day so I am keeping the post short. I did however want to mention that I have created a sewing group on Facebook where all my newbies, intermediates, past conference attendees etc. can gather and help encourage one another. It is also a place to share the things you have made using my tutorials or commercial pattern inspirations. There are a few rules to the group so when you go join make sure to read through them and then introduce yourself to the other 1600+ members who are all just like you!

Mimi G Facebook Group: Make It, Mix It, Rock It! 

Gap Sexy Boyfriends (I am wearing a 26) HERE & HERE (on sale) / Express Sweater (old) / Steve Madden Heels HERE  use code: SMBB1 for 10% off( I LOVE THESE!!!!!!) 


  1. Super cute look! Casual & sexy.

  2. The sweater would be old...I was going to order it right away!

  3. Mimi you are glowing today! Thank you for being such a positive inspiration to all of us!

  4. Such a cute look... Great close-up. I fell in love with Steve Madden's shoes the first time I saw a pair of his Mary-Jane heels. Love Him!

  5. Love the look, Mimi. I must give a shout out to the cute. I always wished I had them.

    - Dee

  6. I love your look, you always some inspiring looks

  7. You, are Adorable! Sexy, spunky, edgy adorable-ness!!!

  8. busy is good! Have a great week!

  9. Love this look and your hair looks great as well!


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