Monday, March 17, 2014

Grand Central Market, Eggslut & The Better Booch Bar

Hi Darlings!

If you live in Los Angeles you probably started your day off talking about this mornings earthquake. I was still in bed at 6:30 when the house started to shake. I just laid in the bed to see if it was going to get worse but it didn't, and after a few seconds it was over (thank goodness!) so for those wondering, we are ok.

Now....I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This weekend was pretty good for the Goodwin's, we had a little fun in the sun, had brunch with an old friend and took the two youngest to Grand Central Market for a little breakfast at Eggslut (not a typo)

I decided that since the planking and whaling thing was so big maybe I could start a new trend of floating, lol! I figure we can all start taking pics floating on  Well, it was a thought. Either way this shot my daughter took is pretty cool. Doesn't that water look amazing?

On Saturday Chastidy and I had lunch with our friend David.
Grand Central Market is also great for buying fresh veggies, fruits, and seafood.

So there is this great little gem in downtown Los Angeles called Grand Central Market. It's a food filled yummy place where you can go stuff your face, find cool things and have a great time. I have read several reviews on a place called Eggslut, and so of course it is my duty to review such places and report back to you so I sacrificed my waistline for you and took the hubby and kids on a lil trip to the market.

Here is the thing about Eggslut, you have to wait a long time to get an egg sandwich! But I promise you it is so worth it. The line was so long the hubby took to playing with some clay and kept the kids preoccupied while I ran off to look around.

Once we finally got our food we devoured it!
That melted cheddar is so good, and the bacon was so good, and that soft bun was sooooo good. I hope you can all appreciate the sacrifice I made for you (hides face) now I have to run a little extra hard today during my workout.
 Kids washed it down with cokes and I had a raw organic orange juice that was so fresh it felt like I was sucking the juice right from the orange.
Eggslut you were amazing.
While standing in that really long line waiting for my sandwich, I met a few guys who were passing out some kombucha tea.  What is kombucha tea you ask? Well, Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage that detoxifies the body. This probiotic elixir tastes so yummy that after I had my sample I walked up to the bar to find out more. The guys were very nice and answered all my questions; they even gave me more samples to taste. I ended up buying a couple of bottles, and I may be hooked. It was so refreshing!
better booch
Daily Candy wrote "little sips of heaven" and they were right. The best part of these drinks is that they contain no fruit, juice, sugar or preservatives of any kind. They work hand in hand with expert tea purveyors to create custom organic teas that blow your mind. 
better booch

better hooch
If you want to learn more you can check out their site GET BETTER BOOCH

What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. I didn't feel it at all! Then again, I'm a heavy sleeper, born and raised here. :) I love Grand Central Market, and I have been dying to go to Eggslut. Count me in next time! ;)

  2. Glad all is well with you and the family.... Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, those are some beautiful pics. I so have to learn how to swim this year and the Grand Central Market looks like a great place to meet up and hang out with friends. I think I've seen the Eggslut featured on one of those food networks but I could be wrong...your sandwich looks yummy. Have a wonderful day Mimi.

  3. Hey Mimi -

    Earthquake - Yikes! Glad to hear you and the fam are ok!!
    Looks like the Goodwins had a busy and fun-filled weekend!
    Love to see you in mommy/wife mode!! #FamilyFirst
    Enjoy your week! Can't see what MimiGStyle creations you have for us this week!
    Be safe!


  4. Looks like a great place. Maybe I can check it out the next time I visit home. I grew up in LA and I've never even heard of it.

  5. why is the greedy foodie in me is over here drooling over that sandwich. Will have to get me one when I come out in July. Looks like you guys had some good family fun!

  6. I'd really love to help you kick start the floating craze, but it was 55 degrees where I am today. :(

  7. You visiting Cali!! My city. . .welcome!

  8. Visiting Cali . . .LA my city! We welcome you and have a great time! - we just rock and roll here re 'earthquake'

  9. Hi Mimi, I heard about the Earthquake at work. We have an office in LA. I believe that's your oldest daughter, right? She looks EXACTLY like you. Don't you just lurve having a mini-me? (I have one too lol)

  10. Sounds like you had a great weekend and your food certainly looks like it was worth the wait, yummy!!

  11. I am a kombucha tea addict. I drink 2-3 a day, which is costly. I am about to start making my own, which I think will be a fun experiment. My Mother and Sister use to make it way back in the day in Vermont. Crossing my fingers....

  12. Hi gorgeous! Mimi...please where you got bought those overalls. They are to die for. I love them! thank youuuu!

  13. While the admin of the web site is working, no question soon it will likely be famous, due to its feature blogs.


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