Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Work It Wednesday: The Bar Method!

Hi Darlings,

I am going to start incorporating more Work It Wednesdays since you guys seem to like them, I don't know that I can do it every Wednesday but maybe every other week might work better for my schedule.

Today I am excited to share my new favorite workout!!! It is rare that I find a workout that makes me eager to do it again the next day and here is why... Most times the workout videos all do the same exercises for legs, buns, arms, etc. It may be a different trainer; location, music but the exercises are early the same over and again. The other thing is that most times they are too hard on my knees. I have written about this before, after a few weeks I can't do it anymore.

BUT NOW!!!!! I am a complete and total fan of The Bar Method. I have heard of these classes here in LA but had not had a chance to research it, so last month I went to their website and ordered one of the DVD's "Super Sculpting" for $20. I figured it was a small investment, and if I did not like it I wasn't out too much.

When the video arrived, it sat in my studio for over two weeks before I finally decided to open it and give it ago. I will say that, after the first 15 minutes, I was sold! It was EXACTLY what I was looking for and since my current goal is to create a longer leaner "dancers body" this was perfect. Here are some of the reasons I love this video and can't wait to move on to "Super Sculpting II"

1. The moves are different from anything I have ever done, and I have done almost ALL WORKOUT VIDS CREATED! The moves are small targeted movements that burn like hell but as you do them you KNOW they are working and targeting those areas of a woman's body that so many other workouts DO NOT target.

2. It is hard and long (1hr) but it is NOT hard on my knees, there is no jumping, running or normal lunges that kill my poor knees.

3. It was only $20

4. You don't need to make a huge investment on equipment. All you need are 5lb weights, a small exercise ball and a stretching band (my picks below)

I had the hubby do the video the next day with me, and he loved it as much as I did. If you want something to get beach body ready and can do in the comfort of your own home, this may be a great option. I am not sponsored by The Bar Method, and they have in no way asked for a review. I bought the video myself and will be buying the others too!


  1. Amanda WashingtonMarch 26, 2014 at 9:37 AM

    Hey Mimi! I've been wanting to try this, and now I will :-) Thanks for the review!

  2. Wow Mimi, I felt the burn just watching that clip, lol... the burn is what burns calories, right... or am I wrong. Thanks for bringing Work It Wednesdays back :)

  3. I bought a Groupon for a Bar studio in my area and haven't used it yet. Now that I hear how much you like it, I'm eager to try! Thanks for the review!

  4. This looks like a great weekend option for the days I don't do body pump or spin at my gym. Thank you!

  5. My sister in law has been going to a Bar Studio in San Diego for a while. She LOVES it! Just went to her 100th class last week! I've been really interested in trying it out myself.

  6. Interesting! I am going to read up more on this exercise. Thanks for testing it out!

  7. Hey Mimi! If you like that workout, you should also take a look at Callanetics. It's really old, but I swear it's one of the most effective set of exercises I've ever done and I recommend it to everyone. There's no jumping, but there are a couple of exercises that might hurt your knees, but she tells you how to modify. Also, take a look at Lotte Berk DVDs. I might have to add The Bar Method to my collection. Thanks for the review!

  8. I do Barre3 online. Same idea but you pay a small monthly subscription ($10-$15/month depending on your plan), put in how much time you have to work out (10min, 30, 40 60), what body parts you want to do (core, upper, lower, full body) and a whole bunch of different streaming workouts are available to choose from. It is an amazing workout- they incorporate barre, pilates and yoga. They offer a free 15 day trial. I do it on my iPad so I can work out next to my stair banister as a ballet bar. But you can use a chair too.

  9. Pure Barre is FANTASTIC. Two weeks ago I took my 250th class!


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