Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Work It Wednesday... In Style!

Hi Darlings!

Well it's "Work It Wednesday" again and as I was trying to figuring out what to write about I thought why not share some of my fav workout looks. I believe that when you look good during your work out you feel better. 

I LOVE matching my workout clothes and because they are meant to get sweaty, worn out and "worked" I try to buy most of them from Kohl's, Forever 21 and T.J. Maxx so that I don't spend too much. I do however  always buy good sneakers and and hoodies. I have a hoodie and sweatshirt obsession and although you don't see them on the blog much if you stopped by the house I would most likely be in sweats and yoga pants.

Here are some of my favorite items to work out in, be cute, and comfy!

Workout Look 1

Can you guys tell that I love pink? well I do. When I workout in pink I feel pretty and bad ass at the same time. I love this gym bag and off the shoulder sweater!!


You guys also know that I love color and wear it all the time. These sneakers are EVERYTHING! and since I like to sweat it out in the gym I always wear a long sleeve sweater.

Workout Look 3

How fabulous is this amazing tie dye sweater!!! I need it in my life but it is sold out so I think I need to buy a plain white one and get some RIT Dye. I also love these New Balance sneakers.

I hope you guys have started your path to being healthy and fit. If you have, what programs have you started that I may have also done, shared or reviewed? What has been working for you?


  1. That tie dye hoodie can be bought on ebay. I just bought one a few weeks ago.

  2. Great! I was just thinking about updating my workout gear!! Thanks

  3. I love this workout gear.

  4. Hey Mimi, just started my gym membership yesterday and today I will be buying some workout clothes. I will be taking some yoga, pilates, and sculpting classes. It is a 24/7 facility, no excuses. I'm really excited. Thanks for the post, be blessed <3

  5. The pink You Got This Sweater where did you get it from sooooo cute

  6. The purple new balances accented with yellow are available on for $70

  7. cute gear mimi... where did u get the gym bag and hot pink sweater from ?

  8. Cute, very cute. I'm starting to use colors with my workout more black and gray for me!

  9. LUV each combo! Especially the tyre dye looking sneakers! (Where can I find em?).
    I recently re did my wardrobe w/ the thought if getting wht I wldn't normally wear. I went BRITE (fluorescent) and graphic print leggings for my comfy & sassy looks! I don't wear sneakers mch but got several Nikes...all fluorescent/colorful!! I get massive compliments and this just pumps me up! I wear the workout gear strictly as fashion (allergic to exercise lol) but am cute ask the way!
    Thx for ur ideas...gotta add em!


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