Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1 Skirt 3 Looks! DIY Pencil Skirt

Hi Darlings!

You guys know that my style changes depending on my mood, as most people. So I thought I would do a 3 look post to show how my look can vary depending on my mood and how easy it is to do with on simple black pencil skirt that you can make yourself in under an hour!

If you ever wanted to learn to sew and found it to be confusing, boring or just daunting you should FIRST try my FREE Pencil Skirt Tutorial!! This is the easiest, fastest and most gratifying DIY you can do. I walk you through all the steps so you end up with the most useful item in a woman's closet....the pencil skirt. At the bottom of the post you will find the Step by Step video and original post!

My crop top Forever 21 and is currently on sale for $10.99 HERE / Shoes are Steve Madden HERE

Look #1 Sassy! I love high waist skirts and crop tops, they have a very slimming effect because they both meet at the smallest part of the waist making the eye focus at the center of your body. The crop top gets a bad wrap but in reality if worn correctly can work for both slim women as well as plus size women and everything in between. If you are more comfortable you can always wear it with a nice button down or long t-shirt underneath like Adrienne did with THIS look. 
My Denim Top is from the GAP HERE / My shoes are Steve Madden HERE

Look #2 Causally Dressy This is the easiest look to pull off because it has two of my favorite things, a pencil skirt and denim shirt. The possibilities of this look is endless. You can wear ANY shoe you want because this is a neutral as it gets. You can add pops of color, funky, classy or dressy accessories, change or add a bag for texture, color or fun and you can even throw on some funky sneakers and work it out! 
Grateful Dead T-shirt (courtesy of my daughter) / Steve Madden Shoes HERE

Look #3 "Just Kicking It" This I think is the most "I am so effortless with my style" look inspired by my daughter. It shows that you can pair almost anything with a pencil skirt to get a chic and effortless look. Adding  funky heels and sunnies pulls the look together and keeps it looking cool. I can always wear a t-shirt and pencil skirt as long as I have on heels.! lol

HERE is the original post and below is the STEP BY STEP VIDEO!


  1. LOVE you & the looks!!! I especially like the 3rd one...I wear pencil skirts but always dress them up but now I see how I can go casual sexy. Girl you are Amazing!!!!
    Cant wait til this Michigan weather warm up so I can go sexy too...:)

  2. Nice skirt. I love the different looks from one skirt. Thanks for the tutorial, I just made one for myself and love it. Easy, is what I needed today!

  3. I love denim so look 2 is my favorite. Of course all the looks are hot! Thanks for showing us that a pencil skirt can get tons of mileage.

  4. the versatility of a nice solid colored pencil skirt is exceptional, not to mention the form flattering cut. great demo, and you look great!

  5. That skirt is always hot. Its a wardrobe stable. Mimi..... home from work today because of snow and looking at your blazer video tutorial right now. This tutorial ain't no joke. Its excellent. The tutorials are a must have. What you learn in the tutorials can be used in all your sewing projects and not just the featured garment. They are so well done. You can see and hear everything and you explain everything so well.You and your hubby make a great team. Thanks a bunch!!!

  6. This will be my project for the Monday when I'm off work, thank you so much, you are "MY" inspiration.

  7. Do you take your length measurement with heels on or without heels? I just want to cut the accurate length. Your tutorials are so helpful for me as a beginner.

  8. Mimi you are too much! Soooo my girl crush!

  9. Great look! Love them all and u have me some ideas. What kind of fabric did you use for the black skirt?? Thanks again your work and style is amazingly beautiful..

  10. Hello Mimi

    When and how do I sign up for the 3rd Conf in Cali.

  11. Mimi you motivates me....I always want to sew but was afraid I'll mess your tutorial

  12. I'm just gonna say it....Yo ass is fine! You betta wear dat skirt girl!!!!!!

  13. Hi Mimi
    Really love the way you have styled this skirt. You are an inspiration to us all

  14. thanks for sharing all of these! Please come to switzerland and have a classes here! XD
    i wish i could sew my own clothes and create my own patterns...

    stay creative!


  15. Awesome looks, the skirt looks easy to make


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