Thursday, February 27, 2014

Casual OOTD + My Top 3 Foundations & Concealers Video!

Hi Darlings,

I woke up feeling some kind of way about this rain we are having. When Tony, Toni, Tone wrote "It Never Rains In Southern California" they lied! lol so today is as casual as it gets for me.

On another note I am taking a new class tonight..."Twerk Cardio" #dontjudgeme and don't laugh either. I always love to try new things and since I am unsure that my body can even move in that manner I am going to go embarrass myself. #wishmeluck

F21 Army Green Shirt (similar) HERE / Converse HERE / AE Jeans HERE / Necklace @ F21 / Glasses Vintage Find in ATL


  1. Mimi, can you do a video or blog post on high heels? Like how to walk in them, how to start (for people who don't normally wear them) and which shoes are most comfortable or how to make them more comfortable to wear? Thank you.

    1. In the meantime, you can Google "How to break in heels". It has helped alot as I'm like you and don't wear heels, but want to if they were more comfortable.

  2. Cute! Have you seen the new washed denim Converse? They'd look super cute with those jeans!

  3. Thanks for showing us what you do makeup wise and the different amounts of coverage each product gives you. I notice that the CK gives you a more even coverage but the True Match allows your freckles to shine through more given a makeup-less look. It's great that you could find products that work so well for your skin tone. I know how hard it can be for most women of any shade, myself included.

  4. You do casual better than the 20-something year olds...and might I add tastefully too.

  5. Love the CT high tops, bring it back. Good luck in the class! Don't break nothin' Mimi. :-)

  6. I soooo love your blog - I know you have millions of fans, as you well deserve!!
    I do have a the song in your video your daughter's song? it's really beautiful...

  7. I soooo love your blog! I know you have a million fans - as you well deserve :) Is that your daughter song in your video? anyway, it's a really beautiful song...

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  9. Hi Ms. Mimi! Do you think you will have a conference in the Houston, Texas area for us unique Texas sewers? Just a thought, I know alot of us would attend!

  10. I love the jeans and sneakers. Sometimes it feels good to just be laid back.

  11. HI Mimi.... I just started a Mary Kay Biz and I'm in love with our CC cream coverage. I also have freckles and only like to look natural. I would love to send you some samples to try and to give your honest opinion!! Where could I send them? My site is


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