Monday, December 3, 2012

Im Back Home... But....

Hi Guys,

I am back home but unfortunately the trip took a turn for the worst and I need a day to regroup. I will fill you guys in tomorrow; if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may already know some of what happen.

Mimi G


  1. Take all of the time you need. Still praying for your families.

  2. Sorry to hear via Instagram in reference to the wedding being cancelled. Your family will be in my prayers.Get some rest!

  3. hi mimi

    i m so sorry to hear of you guys lost i found that the scripture at
    John 5:28,29 brings me comfort in these times i look forward to the day when we will see our loved ones again in a paradise earth that is the Bibles Promise and God cannot lie! that wasthe original plan and he will see it thru soon too as we can tell by bible prophecy,
    plz share the scripture with your family too

    stella h
    Prov 83 :18

  4. Hi Mimi -

    Glad the family made it back home safely. You're in my prayers!


  5. Mimi I am so sorry to hear. Please take all the time you need. Keeping your family in prayer.


Thank you for taking time to comment ;-)

mimi g.