Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vintage Midi Skirt + Latest Purchases + Nails...

Oh my! this is going to be a post about a bunch of things, lol. 

First the video below is a catch up of things I haven't updated you guys on and a few other things; then of course I have what I wore to show you, I am going to cover a Q&A on my nails and what I use. The links to my UO purchases are below.

UO Surplus Jacket $79.99 HERE / Green Cut Out Dress $69.99 HERE / Tangerine Dress HERE
I can't find the racer back shirt ;-(


Back Story

I picked up a vintage midi skirt when I was in San Fran at this really great vintage shop "VerUnica"  and I love it!

The shop was small and charming and the girls were very welcoming. I know I will wear this skirt a lot because it is so comfy and easy to wear with anything.

Get The Look....

Vintage Midi Denim Skirt (similar) HERE / Leopard Scarf HERE / Gap Striped Tank (similar) HERE


My Nails

I get asked often about my nails so here is a little Q&A of the most frequently asked questions.

Q.  Are your nails real or acrylic?
A. My nails are real

Q. Do you have them done every week or do them yourselves?
A. I do my nails myself every sunday evening.

Q. How do you paint your nails because they always look so good.
A. I paint them just like anyone else I guess except I paint every nail except the thumbs in case I need to clean as I am going. After I have finished painting them I paint my thumbs.

Q. What is your favorite nail product
A. My most favorite polish is my Seche Vite "High Gloss" Polish I swear by it and it gives my nail that high gloss shine that you get at the salon. It also dries your names so fast!!

This is magic in a bottle.

mimi g.

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Tutorial!! EASY DIY Top

Hi Darlings!

This tutorial is super easy and fast to make. It is so cute with jeans and can be made with options.

You can omit the straps and keep it strapless, you can also leave the hem flowy and not add the elastic at the hem. You can skip the faux ruffle and just make the top using a 1 1/4" fold at the top for the elastic casing instead. Once you start to make the top you will better understand how easy it is to make the changes I listed above.

Enjoy and please make sure to email me pics when you guys are done or post on my FB wall!!

Step by Step Tutorial


mimi g.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Taking Orders for 72hrs ONLY!!! Regal Maxi w/ Sash

72hrs are Over!
 congrats if you got your skirt :-) I am now putting her to rest forever.
 xoxo ~ mimi g.

Okay, for the next 72 hours I will be taking orders for the Regal Maxi w/ Sash, if you missed your chance to get one before this will be your last chance. I have a certain amount of black and blue fabric left and once it's gone it is gone and I won't be re-stocking.

Make sure to read all details carefully before placing your order and please make sure to share with your friends because this is the last time this skirt will be available for purchase. Thank you ALL for the support you guys give me!  and there will be a new tutorial on monday!!!


How to Order

**Shipping on all orders placed will begin on August 30th / There are no refunds / Choose your correct size as the skirts are made to order and are NOT returnable or exchangeable.

Size options and buy now link below

 Full Maxi Skirt with Side Pockets, 2.5" Waistband, Belt Loops, Optional Sash & Invisible Zipper.

**NOTE: Shipping for this skirt will begin on 8/26/12**

Fabric: Shantung Sateen (no longer available) 
Cotton/Poly Blend Black or Royal Blue ONLY

Sizes: Based on the smallest part of your waist / Length of Skirt: 43" 

Size 2 (26") / Size 4 (27") / Size 6 (28") / Size 8 (29.5") / Size 10 (30.5")

Size 12 (31.5") / Size 14 (33") / Size 16 (34.5") / Size 18 (36.5") / Size 20 (38.5")

**Pick the size closest to your waist measurement from the drop down below 
Size Example: If you are a 27" choose size 6 so you have a little wiggle room as the skirts are made exactly to the waist measurements above**

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Polka Dots + Announcement!

Hello Darlings!

My baby is home and resting and is feeling just fine on vicodin, LOL! Thank you for all the well wishes she was a trooper and is still managing to be silly and make me laugh ;-)

Before I post the look I wanted to let you guys know that at 2pm (Pacific) tomorrow I will begin taking orders for the Regal Maxi w/ Sash for 72hrs ONLY!! and then I am retiring it for good. Make sure you let your friends know and or share it on your Facebook/Twitters etc. for me.

Get The Look...

Forever 21 Polka Dot High Low Top (similar) HERE / Wide Leg Jeans HERE / Forever 21 Necklace similar HERE / Bag Boutique Find


My Baby Is In The Hospital ....

Hi Darlings!

There will be no look this morning as I am heading back to the hospital in a few minutes. Last night my oldest daughter Chastidy was taken to the ER with abdominal pain and turns out she had appendicitis :( they removed it this morning and she is back in her room recovering. Ill update later.

mimi g.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tie Dye Maxi + Giveaway Winner! + Need Help

Hi Darlings!

Okay, I need your help. I am working on the website because honestly there is just not enough space on here, lol and I need to be able to make things easy to see, find etc. DON'T WORRY!!! the blog is not going anywhere but may need to simply expand onto an actual site. 

So......I want to know what you guys would like too see me add to the site; I know many of you want sew-alongs and that will be included, I will also have fashion picks, style tips, all the sewing DIY stuff, an online shop and someone a while back suggested a "what would mimi do" meaning you can send me something you have already or just bought but have no idea how to wear it and I would show you what I would do with it (will the author of this idea please email me because I can't find the email I got weeks ago)
I also have a few new projects I am working on which I am not sharing...yet!

 comment your ideas..... and........go



thank you random number generator for doing the choosing for me. Every Day In Stillettos email me your address doll!


Get The Look.....

Tie Dye Dress (local Boutique) similar HERE, HERE or HERE / Mustache Ring HERE /Bracelets Various F21 + Coach / Tribal Earrings F21 (old) similar HERE these are bad ass HERE

mimi g.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

San Fran Score w/ Fab Pants + More Pics

Hi Darlings!

So of course I did a little boutique shopping while in San Fran and over the next week or so I will make sure to point out and link anything that is from my trip. 

Today I am wearing these fab pants that I picked up from a lovely boutique in San Fran called "Liv"I must say the shop is in a GREAT neighborhood and is very cute! the clothes were very chic but some had a little edge to them too. I really enjoyed the store but wish that I had more time while there to really get some shopping done but there was so much on the to-do list. They don't currently have an ordering website but you can "like" their FB page.

I ask if they took phone orders and they said yes! so I am linking the info to the shop and the info on the pants so that you can make sure and call to get yourself a pair. When I go back to San Fran I will make sure and stop by again.

Liv Boutique Pants $42.00 "Catwalk Animal Print Fun Pants" (Sku #90667A2A) 
 To Order Call 415-567-4730

 Top NY & Co. (old) similar HERE / Necklace H&M (old) / Onassis Pumps Steve Madden (old) Clearance HERE / Leopard Bracelet NY & Co. (can no longer find) / BCBG Heart Pave Ring (old) 

 "Cute as a Button" Essie color

mimi g.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Britex Fabric Haul + How I Got Hurt

Hi Darlings!

I can't type much because the brace is bulky and kinda in the way so I vlogged todays post.

mimi g.

Im Back + Im Injured :-(

Hi Darlings!

I am back home and have so much to blog about but I can barely type. I hurt my ankle and wrist and have bruises from head to toe from a canoeing accident yesterday. Ill tell you all about it but I am moving slow today so give me another day to recoup.

What is a post without a pic so I will leave you with this image ;-)

mimi g.