Thursday, November 29, 2012

Away We Go... Travel Easy + Comfy

Hi Darlings! Ok, I am packed, hair has been retouched, LOL and I am ready to go to the COLD Mid West. Ugh! I have been in Cali so long I don't think my Chicago hometown roots can handle the cold weather, LOL 

I leave you with my cozy and UBER comfy traveling look; I cannot fuss with heels and fancy garbs with kids in tow through the airport but I must still keep it funky. Love you all and will miss you but I will be updating and sharing via my facebook and instagram so if you don't yet follow go do so now ya'll.

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GAP So Soft Long Sleeve Yellow Crew Neck HERE / GAP Grey Twill Parka w/ Removable Plush Lining HERE / Forever 21 Skinnies HERE / Gap Sherpa Booties HERE 

GAP Coupon 25% Off  "GAP25"

Can I just tell you that I am IN LOVE with these little sherpa booties. 
They are so flipping warm and comfy! LOL

Mimi G.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OOTD: Floral Jeans + Turtleneck Sweater + Pink Coach

Good Morning! One more day before I head out of town and I am freaking out about how much I have to get done so today I just leave you without the chatter and just the OOTD ;-) Oh! and before I forget I got another fabulous coupon just for my seamstresses from SA Curve; the coupon is "mimig15" for 15% off!

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A&E Floral Jeans HERE and  HERE (Buy One Get One 50% Off) and these HERE / Gap Turtleneck Sweater (similar) HERE / Booties (old) Wild Pair (similar) HERE / Hot Pink Coach Bag HERE / Plaid B&W Gloves HERE

Mimi G

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OOTD: Best Sweater Ever + Faux Furs and Wide Legs

Hi Dolls! This will be a short posting week because I will be heading out of town to attend my MIL's wedding (mother-in-law) and so I need to start packing and getting things done before we leave on Thursday. I will be posting via instagram and facebook mostly and some posting here via my ipad.

Not only am I attending but I am a bridesmaid :-/ and although I love them to pieces I rather just attend the wedding you know? I am also less then excited about flying into Omaha in the winter, LOL!!!

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Gap Colorblocked Striped Sweater HERE (I am wearing an XS) / Guess Jeans (similar) HERE / Michael Kors Faux Fur Vest (similar) HERE and HERE / J. Crew Bangles HERE AND HERE / Michael Kors Bag (similar) HERE / Michael Kors Watch HERE / J. Crew Gold Belt

 I LOVE this sweater!! I already ordered the yellow one too ;-)

Mimi G

Monday, November 26, 2012

OOTD "You Talking To Me" + Cyber Monday

Hi Dolls! I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a great time with friends and family and then spent the day on Friday with the hubby and kids at the movies watching Wreck-It Ralph (which was awesome!) I do not shop on black Friday because its is just so crazy and there isn't anything I want that badly so I just don't participate but I have so much respect for those who plan out their shopping attacks, it takes patience that I don't have, LOL Today however is Cyber Monday and that I can do from my laptop ;-) Oh! and yes those are highlights, lol my daughter who is in cosmo school put red highlights in my hair for fun, I love the punch of color but I am not sure how long I will keep it, I am a creature of habit.

Cyber Monday: Today is the last day to download any tutorial for $5.00 or the bundle for $19.99 go HERE 

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Zara Velveteen Jacket HERE / Gap Jeans HERE / Forever 21 T-shirt (similar) HERE / Via Spiga Python Print Heels HERE / Forever Necklace (old) / Michael Kors Quilted Leather Gloves HERE 

I feel a little bad ass in this get up, LOL

Mimi G

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Special + Cyber Monday! $5 Tutorial Download Special

Sunday Special + Cyber Monday 
 $5.00 Individual Downloads! or $19.99 Bundle!

Learn to SEW with Step by Step Video Tutorials! Every Step Shown

Maxi T-shirt Dress Tutorial $5.00 Buy Now (Beginner)

Strapless Jumpsuit Tutorial $5.00 Buy Now (Beginner)

Maxi Skirt Tutorial $5.00 Buy Now (Advanced beginner)

Tank Top Jumpsuit Tutorial $5.00 Buy Now (Advanced Beginner)

***All 4 $19.99 Buy Now***

Here is the pdf pocket pattern for the maxi w/ sash: https://www.box.com/s/6f965ec3d95925faceaa
 (you will need it)

T-Shirt Maxi Tutorial Reviewed HERE

Thanks again Kelly, you look amazing!

Mimi G

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY Striped Dress + Pattern & Fabric Options!

Hello Darlings! It is almost Turkey day and I am ready to eat and spend my non cooking time this year sewing! I will not be posting tomorrow but will be back Friday so happy thanksgiving to you all! I am so thankful to have such amazing support from all of you! 

REMINDER: If you have not yet visited SA Curves and you are a seamstress you need to high tail it over there. The products they have available to us are invaluable and the 20% off "Turkey" coupon expires Friday. Ya'll know I love a coupon!

Pattern Used + Fabric

Last night I needed a little sewing mojo kick start and so I always pull out the easy 1hr or less sewing patterns I have on hand and last night I grabbed for Butterick 5247 which is no longer available through Butterick but McCalls 6161 is an even better option for you guys because it is EASY! FAST! and the neck cowl is removable. I totally recommend this pattern which is ON SALE FOR .99 YES! less then a dollar and is GREAT for beginners. The Ultra Soft Striped Knit I used is amazing! Its not only soft but it sews up like a dream. You can get it HERE and they have 3 color ways (scroll to bottom)! Don't forget to use your COUPON CODE "MIMI10" @ Michael Levin Fabrics to get 10% off ;-)

Mimi G

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

FOUND IT! Holy T-Shirt

They finally put the t-shirt up ;-) $15 @ F21 HERE

"This Is My Holy Shirt"

Mimi G

OOTD: Red Hot + Polka Dot

Happy Tuesday Darlings! I hope you all are getting ready for Thanksgiving and avoiding the rush at the grocery stores. This year I put up my apron and wont be cooking! yay me. Instead I am taking the year off from the cooking madness and joining friends at their home instead. As for today's OOTD I am wearing my favorite combo (button up shirt/sweater) it is perfect for me here because it doesn't get super cold most days and this keeps me warm enough and if you live on the east coast you simply just add a coat.

Get The Look

Forever 21 Polka Dot Sweater HERE / Gap Red Slim Cropped Pants HERE / Gap Boyfriend White Shirt HERE / J. Crew Clutch Dotted Version HERE / Michael Kors Heels (old) similar HERE / Sunnies (mall Kiosk) / Forever 21 Necklace (similar) HERE

Mimi G

Monday, November 19, 2012

For Sale! iPad 2 16GB White Wifi + 3G (AT&T)


Hi Guys, I am a self proclaimed Apple junkie and so when something new comes out I go buy it *hides face in shame* LOL I love my iPad 2 but when the mini came out I was in heaven and ordered it asap. My new baby just arrived so before I put my iPad2 on craigslist I am giving you guys first dibs.

Looks brand new and I took very good care of her ;-)

iPad 2 16GB White 
Wifi + Cellular (AT&T) 

Mine Used $345 currently retailing at $529 New
Payment via Paypal US Only

Goes on craigslist tomorrow eve ;-)

Mim G

DIY TUTORIAL!! No Sewing Machine Needed! Zara Inspired Jacket

Hello Dolls!! I went shopping this past weekend (what's new, I know) lol but while shopping at ZARA I saw a cropped denim jacket that has studded shoulders and I fell in love except that the jacket was $100 and I knew I had a denim jacket at home I could use to knock off the look so that is what I did and I documented the process so you can make one too!! I love that if and when I tire of the studs I can easily remove the felt appliqué we are creating.


Step 1. Tools Needed: Jacket ($28 at Old Navy), Pins, Rotary Cutter or Scissors, Felt Piece, Studs
(you can get the felt at ANY craft store by the piece and is usually between .60 or .99 cents, the studs you may need to order online and resources for those are below)

 Step 2: Using this Shoulder Template HERE cut out a test of felt and place it on the shoulder of the jacket to make sure it is big enough for your size jacket. Adjust as needed and then CUT 2 shoulder shapes out f felt.

Step 3: Using which ever studs you have chosen start placing them on the felt by starting at the center and working outwards, make sure to place them on top at first to make sure you can arrange them correctly before permanently attaching them. I used THESE studs but they have so many to choose from. You can use flat back's that are glued or sewn on or the prong type that I used. 

Tip: The glue on studs will be faster but I used the prongs and my tweezers to bend them and it took about 10 minutes to attach the studs per piece.

Step 4: Fill the space as best you can until it looks like the pic below

Step 5: When you have finished studding the shoulder felt pin it to your shoulder using the center row of studs as your guide placing it on the shoulder seam. Pin all around to hold in place.

Step 6: Using a hand sewing needle and thread you are going to hand sew the felt/studded applique to the shoulder starting at the sleeve edge and working around the entire piece.  I used a blanket stitch because it is fast and easy but you can use an applique stitch (tutorial) shown HERE  or a Whip stitch shown HERE

Step 7: Once you have finished hand sewing one felt piece on do the same exact thing for the other side. 


All Done! Now go show off to your friends ;-)

Mimi G