Friday, August 31, 2012

Aldo Sexy Pumps! + Gap Jeans & White Shirt

WooHooo It's Friday! How much do I love dark jeans with a crisp white shirt? <------------------------> this much! Okay so, I was dying to wear my new Aldo pumps "Romelia" which by the way are sexy as hell and I plan to wear them a lot! so I kept it super simple with my favorite Gap Fitted Boyfriend Shirt, can I just tell you that this shirt is flippin fantastic; If I could wear it everyday with jeans I would that's how much I love it. I'm also a new fan of their Original Fit Selvage Jeans  and let me tell you...

I HATE shopping for jeans! mostly because I have a small waist and a big booty and child bearing hips, lol so it is always difficult to find jeans that fit at the waist without being snug at the hips so when I tried these jeans on *with skepticism I might add* at the sales girls request I was so happy to see that they fit and were comfortable, so comfortable. The most surprising part was that Gap jeans usually don't fit me well and I have to try on so many before sometimes just giving up. I don't know that I will have such luck next time I go buy jeans but I hope that these stay around for a while ;-)
 Necklace was gifted

  The clutch is old from BCBG
Sunnies are Michael Kors a few seasons back

mimi g.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hi Darlings! so I am posting again to share a link to my fabulous 14 year old daughters new blog, she has decided that she wants to blog like mom *insert cuteness here* so please show her some support by visiting and leaving a comment  at Love, Lexi G.

Go.... tell her mom sent you, lol

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So You Wanna Sew...

Its almost Friday, Its almost Friday, Its almost Friday, LOL
Okay, I posted a "guide to beginner sewers" months ago but I get asked the same questions often so I am reposting and adding a few coupons for you guys today. There is a long weekend ahead...YAY!!! and that means time to sew and be creative so here are two coupons to help you do just that.

I would show you a look of the day but I don't feel like taking pics today, lol 

This one expires today but it is a good one!

Gorgeous Fabric is having a sale HERE

If you just want to shop... H&M 20% off one item click HERE

Repost: Sewing Basics to Know

1. Do you sew for other people?
No. I use to do so and on very rare occasions I might if its a friend, special occasion etc. but I am a selfish seamstress all the way :-) The good news is that you can learn to sew and reap the rewards of turning a flat piece of fabric into something fantastic that you can wear.

2. Did you teach yourself or go to school?
Both, I learned to sew when I was 12 by watching my aunt who was an amazing seamstress and I fell in love. I started teaching myself to cut, sew and copy items I had in my closet and I haven't looked back. In my 20's I decided to go to "Fashion Design" school and after the first year I hadn't learned anything I hadn't already taught myself so I decided that for me the tuition was not worth it and went back to self teaching.

3.Do you think anyone can sew?
Yes. I am a true believer in that you can do whatever you want to do as long as you apply yourself. It takes, time and PATIENCE because sewing can be quite frustrating sometimes, lol.

4. How long did it take you to get to the level of sewer you are today?
I have been sewing since I was 12 years old but it was only within the last 9 years that it really became my "all I can think about" hobby and TRUST ME when I say that I had moments when I cried, yelled, and wanted to chuck my damn machine out the window from frustration and bad fitting garments but with time you start to learn your body and what works. You learn to measure yourself properly and how to pick patterns that are at your level. I have thrown out so many #fail projects it's not even funny but I also had moments of sheer happiness when I was done with a dress and it looked great and I knew that I had made it MYSELF, there is something really special about that.

It took me a long time before I could make things that I knew NO ONE could tell I had made it on my bedroom floor, lol and so can you! Now I hear things like "I don't think you made that, it doesn't look homemade" LOL that is the point right?

What do I need to get started?

1. Imagination and Creativity
2. Patience and more patience
3. A Sewing Machine
4. Fabric
5. Seam Ripper, Tape Measure, Marking Pen
6. Pattern or Idea of Project

Now that I have given  you a list of the bare basics, here are are a few details:

Sewing Machines:

I have heard some people say that they want to learn to sew but can't afford to buy a sewing machine. This may have been the case back in the day *side eye* but now you can get a great starter machine for less then $200. One of the first machines I purchased for myself was a brother, it cost me $299 and it lasted me for YEARS! I have listed a few machines that I know first hand are solid machines for a newbie.

a. Brother CS6000i Sew Advance Sew Affordable Computerized Sewing Machine $159.00
b. Janome Sewing machine. 18 Stitch Magnolia Sewing Machine 7318 $198.00
c. Janome 8077 30-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine $299.99

Patterns, Projects and More:

There are so many online tutorials (mine included) for simple and easy projects that you can use to get started without a huge investment. Sign up for pinterest and have a good time looking up DIY's that peek your interest. 

There are also patterns made by the Big 4 geared toward newbies. Simplicity has a "sew simple" pattern collection, Butterick has the "See & Sew" collection, McCalls has the "Stitch & Save" collection and Vogue has "Very Easy Vogue" If I were a complete newbie I would stay away from Vogue until you have  become comfortable with your sewing abilities. Vogue is fantastic but even their "easy" patterns are not so easy if you are not at least an intermediate seamstress.


This is the most important part of learning to sew because the more you know the better you will get.
We have the luxury of learning ANYTHING online so why not take advantage of that. Here is a list of books to read and websites to visit.



Threads Magazine is a great online and print recourse, the have great articles, tips, tricks and videos.
Pattern Review Top 10 Patterns for Beginners
Sewing Tips and Info

Don't start with stretchy knits, it will frustrate you at the very beginning. Don't start with Silks, it will slip and slide and you don't want to ruin perfectly good silk. Start with cotton fabric and non stretchy knits like matte jersey, these fabrics are more stable and easier to work with. I purchase fabric from many different sources but a good place to start would be www.fabric.com

google and youtube will become your very best friends and I am always here to help. I hope this helps you get motivated!

mimi g.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Watercolor Maxi + Another Take on New Look Pattern 6123

Happy Wednesday Darlings, this week is moving fast and I am just working to keep up. I cant believe that summer is almost over but I live in Cali so the seasons changing don't really "change" all that much; I can wear shorts in mid December sometimes because it stays so warm. 

Okay so I have made up this pattern 3 times now and I still can see using elements of the pattern for other things I want to make. I made the dress and wore it here and here and after making two versions I knew I could take the top of the purple one and make a maxi that I had wanted to make for a while and so I did. I wont review the pattern again because like I said I have made it and reviewed it twice (here are the reviews #1 and #2) and instead I will just show you my dress. 

Pattern New Look 6123 Modified

If you want to make yours into a maxi just follow the diagram and info at the bottom of this post.

 Necklace is from Urban Outfitters (old) / Sunnies are Kate Spade

Modifying NL 6123

Okay this is easy to do, place your pattern piece on the fabric just like you would if you were going to cut it out (front on fold) etc. Then mark the widest part of the hip and add the length you need for a maxi (reaching the floor) and mark, then add width to pattern at the hem (8-10") and then gradually mark from the hip to the hem like in the dashed lines in the diagram.

mimi g.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forever 21 Swiss Dot Peplum + Zara Basic Stretch Jeans

Happy Tuesday Darlings! I am feeling better today, not 100% but better and I was able to rest up yesterday so that helped. I am back at it again today so thank you all for the well wishes xoxo!

Get The Look

Today I am wearing those pumps I mentioned yesterday that I found at Ross for $16.99 #score; they are "Penny Loves Kenny" which I have never bought before but Heels.com carries the brand and they have cute shoes HERE and my Forever 21 swiss dot peplum top which is so "delicate" as my hubby said this morning (similar) HERE. I paired my top with my Zara Jeans from their "Basics" collection HERE, these jeans are the most comfortable skinnies to wear, the stretch is perfect and they sit in the right place not to high and not to low.  My bracelet (similar) HERE, necklace and pearl ring (similar) HERE are old and from Forever 21 and of course I have on my Michael Kors watch that I love HERE!

 Kate Spade Sunnies
 Love my lil rose earrings, can you see them?

Monday, August 27, 2012


Hi Darlings, It is Monday and whatever I had been trying to fight off has caught up to me, this is what happens when you have small children, you get sick when they get sick so I am working from home today and there will be no fancy look for the day ;-( I am in my pajamas about to take more Advil. I will however share how I spent my weekend making not one but TWO #failed sewing projects....yep I still have failed projects. 

The first one was a blouse that I didn't bother to measure  the pattern before cutting because I was being lazy and sure enough it was too small and not worth the effort of fixing so off to the trash it went. Then I decided I was going to make some pants because I hadn't made any since these green ones but after I was done I realized that I hated the fabric and off to the trash they went and off to bed I went with nothing to show for a full day of sewing *sigh*

Sunday was a new day and full of errands to run before the fam got home from church because like all mothers/wives/women I had to pick up groceries, clean the house, fold the laundry, prepare dinner, serve dinner, do my nails, pick out my outfit for today and set the alarm for 6am so I can get up and do my Insanity work out this morning.... the last two....DID. NOT. HAPPEN but damn I am tired just writing it! I did however manage to squeeze in some time at the mall yesterday after having to return a pair of pants for one of the kids and picked up some great stuff at the GAP and I also stopped at Ross and scored the shoes I was going to wear today for $16.99 yay me! Hopefully you will see those shoes tomorrow.

hope you have a better day than I am having...off to bed I go again...

mimi g.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Styled by Mommy + Learning my Nikon

 Happy Saturday Darlings! I have been taking every spare moment to play and learn my Nikon d5100 and whatever kid is near me becomes my subject, fortunately for me my son is usually glued to my hip and he just so happens to be a ham, but before we got started of course he had to be styled by mommy. Have you ever seen parents who are all dressed up and their kids look messy? I never got that! My babies are a reflection of me right? besides it fun to play dress up with the lil ones, they have baby swag too.

 Get The Look

Zara Boys Jersey Blazer (similar) HERE / Target Graphic Tee (this one is cute) HERE / Zara Skinny Boy Jeans HERE / Plaid Cap (similar) HERE

I love that he has his toy car in his hand

"Yes mother, can I help you" look

"oh mommy you are funny" LOL

Let me reflect...

Hey Ma'

Im too cool for school.

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Favorite Fabric Source

Hi Dolls! I get asked often about where I shop for fabric and although I do a lot of my fabric locally here in Los Angeles I do buy online a lot so today I am going to share one of my favorites with you.

Meet Juan Carlos, he is a very nice man I met a few years back along with his lovely wife when I was sourcing fabric for  my Spring 2010 Collection and we have remained friendly ever since. They work really hard to provide great fabrics and to take care of their family and so I like to link his website whenever I get the chance. Juan Carlos has the best knit jersey, modal knits, bamboo knits, prints, woven textiles and silks at AMAZING PRICES and he has great customer service too. 

Make sure you tell him his friend Mimi sent you ;-)  to High End Fabrics

amazing and only $5.99 a yard
 I love anything kelly green $6.25

$7.99 a yard, I love these red and navy stripes!

mimi g.

Casual Friday......

TGIF! Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Get The Look..

 Urban Outfitters 21 Red Twill Pants HERE / Steve Madden Wedges (old) / Urban Outfitters Top HERE / Forever 21 Necklace (old) 

mimi g.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keeping it Simple + Changing The Way We See Ourselves

Happy Thursday Darlings!! Today is one of those days where I am feeling bloated and indecisive and I swear NOTHING is fitting right so when all else fails I throw on black skinnies and a cozy and comforting cardigan to hide my fat.....Before you start yelling at me...Yes, I am aware that many of you are giving me the *Side Eye* and *Hard Stare* right now and the way I feel is just in my head and probably only due to the fact that mother nature is arriving soon but every woman at one point or another has a day where they feel fat no matter what size they are and the internal negative talk begins, which brings me to a question:

Why do you we do that!? 

Well I am a firm believer that we can change the way we see ourselves by changing the way we think of ourselves, its true. Do something for me today; when you are in front of a mirror in your jammies and make up free look at yourself for a few seconds and think to yourself that you look frumpy; Then turn around close your eyes and think to yourself how sexy you are and really feel it "I am sexy" turn around and with your "sexy thinking" eyes look at yourself again. 

The way you "think" of yourself is the message the brain sends to your eyes and therefore the way you see yourself in that mirror; I know I got all Dr. Phil on you, but that's what I do when I know I am being judgemental of myself (like today) in the mirror, I stop the internal negative talk, turn around, change my thoughts and look at myself again, it works for me, and afterwards I was feeling pretty good about myself. Cant you tell by the pic below...BWHAHAHAHA

 I love the print on my Urban Outfitters Cami HERE and on sale / Urban Outfitters Cardi (old) similar HERE / Forever 21 Ponte Knit Skinny Pant HERE / Kate Spade Poppy Red Bag / Steve Madden Sandals (similar) HERE / Nail Polish is Zoya "DEA"

mimi g.