Friday, September 27, 2013

Mimi G For Bernina FREE TUTORIAL! + STITCHED9 New Pants!

Hi Darlings!

I had every intention of finishing the tutorial for the circle skirt so I could post today but something has come up that is rather important so for the next two days I will be MIA. I will be back next week and I promise to finish that tutorial so you have something new to make next weekend!

HOWEVER, there is a fast and easy tutorial for you guys to work on this weekend that I made for the We All Sew website. Here is my "High-Low Elastic Waist Skirt" tutorial.

Also, STITCHED9 has added a new pair of pants and will be available for a limited time, please make sure to visit, share and help support our venture! WWW.STITCHED9.COM 
NEW Fab Track Pants HERE

Monday, September 23, 2013


Hi Darlings!

Adrienne and I have added NEW items to STITCHED9 and have brought back some items due to demand. Go check it out dolls!

10% off $250 or more! Code: STITCHED9

Electric Blue Audrey Maxi: Dress it up or down and now in XS- XXXL ORDER HERE
B/W Print Jumpsuit: Works with everything and under any style blazer or sweater! ORDER HERE
Color Ponte Jumpsuits: Red, Black and now Purple are back! ORDER HERE
Hibiscus Audrey Maxi: Dress it up or down and now in XS- XXXL ORDER HERE
Hibiscus Audrey Maxi: Dress it up or down and now in XS- XXXL ORDER HERE
Color Ponte Jumpsuits: New color and print! ORDER HERE
 Off The Shoulder: Grey and Black are BACK! ORDER HERE

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home Decor Tutorial + My Future Closet

Hi Darlings,

So...I am converting one of the bedrooms in my home into a closet (SO EXCITED!!!!!!!) and I am in the midst of picking out my build outs, furniture and shelves. I am also looking at some foot stools and small tables to place in the center of the room and of course some DIY stuff.

While searching online for some inspiration, I decided to start documenting what I am looking at for you guys to join in on my experience.

Here are some the things I have been eyeing for my new room/closet and Michael Levine happen to post a super cool tutorial yesterday on covering a foam tuffet. I am excited to try it because I will certainly need one or two of these. HERE is the link.

The larger two build outs I plan to install from The Container Store

For the smaller wall third wall also from  The Container Store

The hubby will be busy putting up shelves similar to this so I can see all of my shoes ;-) 

I love this

I will be adding more stuff to my pinterest for inspiration ;-) Have a great day!

P.S. make sure you read yesterdays post where I announced the Blazer Tutorial early sign up and dates!