Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outfit of The Day + 5 Months Smoke Free!!

First, I am so proud of myself for being smoke free 5 months now!! and second Happy Halloween!
I remember when I was in junior high that going to school dressed up as something cool was imperative so one year I was probably around 12 or 13 I woke up and put on a pair of black jeans, a black shirt and black baseball cap and pulled my pony tail out through the back of the cap and went to show my mom who asked me "what are you supposed to be?" I looked at her like she had 3 eyes and was so uncool for not knowing and replied "Janet Jackson in Rhythm Nation", BWHAHAHAHAHAH 

Easy + Comfy

I wanted to roll out of bed put on pajamas and go to work, I figured I could get away with it since its Halloween but I couldn't bring myself to do it, lol so I grabbed the most comfy outfit I could for today that made me look somewhat presentable at work. I have been working out hard and my body is tired!

DIY Pencil Skirt (similar) HERE / Forever 21 Sweater (old) / H&M Silver Shoes (similar) HERE

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OOTD: Winter White Cords + Boyfriend Blazer

Hello Darlings! Today has been busy and interesting and it is only noon here, lol
Today's looks is easy and chic for running my errands. I gotta tell you my kids are driving me nuts asking if it's Halloween yet ;-) It's always fun to take the two little ones out but my older kids think they are too cool so they go out with their friends. My 14 year old says to me "Mom, its so not cool if I go up to the door with two little kids and I am asking for candy too" *giggle* kids are funny.

On a serious note, I pray that my east coast peeps are safe and protected and this storm ends quickly! 

Get The Look

Forever 21 Blazer (old) similar HERE / Old Navy LA T-shirt's HERE / J. Crew White Cords HERE / Forever 21 Chain link Necklace (old) / Steve Madden Boots (old) similar HERE / Coach Bag (old) / Sunglasses Old Navy (old)

Taking Holiday Orders! Limited Time Only! Short + Long


Happy Tuesday!! I am feeling so blessed after reading how much you all enjoyed my post yesterday! Thank you all so much. So....I have been waiting to find a new fabric supplier for the shantung sateen and I have! so because I have been filled with holiday glee (and I found a new supplier and seamstress) from now until this Saturday I am going to take a limited amount of orders on the Regal Skirt w/ Sash both short and long!!

Mimi G Regal Skirt w/ Sash


Skirt  is available in the size listed below in RED or BLACK Shantung Sateen. I am offering both the short and long so make sure to choose the correct buy now button. Skirt has 4 belt loops a long sash and a back zipper. These do not have side pockets.


Based on the smallest part of your waist / Length of Long Skirt: 43" / Length of Short Skirt 23"
/ KNEE 31"

Size 2 (26") / Size 4 (27") / Size 6 (28") / Size 8 (29.5") / Size 10 (30.5")

Size 12 (31.5") / Size 14 (33") / Size 16 (34.5") / Size 18 (36.5") / Size 20 (38.5")

**Pick the size closest to your waist measurement from the drop down below 

Size Example: If you are a 27" choose size 6 so you have a little wiggle room as the skirts are made exactly to the waist measurements above**

There are no refunds or exchanges as I am not a retailer, choose your size correctly.

**KNEE Length is available at 31" length (order the short) and put "Knee" in the note to seller**
Purple color not available (Black or Red ONLY)


Monday, October 29, 2012

The Good, The Bad + The Ugly of Being a Blogger

I sat across a young woman in the waiting room of the doctors office last week who recognized me from my blog and she came over after a few minutes of staring at me and asked if she could ask me some questions to which I replied "of course" she then went on to ask me about blogging, what it's really like?, if I am rich? (I giggled) how I made money from the blog? and if I could tell her how to get started and what to expect because she was afraid of putting herself out there for all to see. I answered most of her questions and since she isn't the first person to ask or email me about this I decided to take a minute and write about it.

On Being Judged

As a blogger we open ourselves up to being judged and we are going to get the good, the bad and the ugly from people. Everyday I get up to work a job that pays the bills and feeds my kids; I get dressed and before jumping in my car my husband takes pictures of me in whatever I am wearing that day and off I go. Bloggers deal with getting nasty or opinionated comments just like every other blogger who has a wide audience and most times it is best to just ignore it but let's be honest sometimes it is hurtful. I prefer to empower and encourage women and being a blogger is and always has been a "personal experience" which means the blog is about me, my life and what I love to do. I don't offer look options unless it is a specific post so being asked to show something "different" or that I should post more winter looks doesn't work for me because I wear my clothes/looks for  MY daily life, that's why it is authentic. So although we cant control what other people say and do we can control what we let into our spirit. For every bad moment, comment or nasty note you will get twice as many nice, positive and loving ones.

Time & Energy

Bloggers who do this everyday take this serious. It is not easy to keep up with a blog and no one is paying us millions to sit around and cut and paste pretty pics (okay well some of do make money off of our blogs but..) I spend 20 Min's snapping pics, 30-40 Min's editing those pics, arranging those pics, writing about it and 20-30 Min's finding links in case the readers wants to buy something. I sometimes spend up to 2.5 hrs on a single post and then I have to work my day job get off and take care of  my family. Bloggers are not fictitious characters that have nothing to do but take pics of themselves in pretty clothes (okay some might be). The thing is, I sometimes want to just stop all together and go back to the days where this wasn't a part of my life but I love what I do and therefore I just keep going even when I don't feel like anyone cares or is reading.

Self Obsession + Staying Relevant

This one kills me because honestly if I could wake up everyday and do nothing but blog I would and if I had access to models to wear my clothes I might use them and if I had the ability to gather celebrities to come kick it on my blog and do guest posts I would have them and if I had someone who wanted to work for free as a writer to give you all sorts of different topics to read about I would hire them but I DON'T. I am just a wife and mother who has to clean house and do laundry and wipe snot and vomit and scrap nasty stuff off the floor while trying to look pretty and feel like a woman who still has it and is not lost in the whirlwind life of being a mom and wife. I can only blog about my life because that is all I got. I can only show you pics of myself in the clothes because I am all I have. I can only show you my diy's because Martha Stewart is too busy to do a guest post, lol what else are "personal bloggers" supposed to show if not themselves? I cant afford red bottoms or to be draped in luxury designer brands but what I do have is a great sense of style that can be easily achieved on a budget. I can teach you how to wear it and I can teach you how to make it. That is all I have....Me ;-)

The "Business" of Blogging + The Truth!

Blogging is a business for some, especially when you cross a certain threshold. What I make off of my blog is not enough for me to ONLY blog, hell it may be just enough to get some new shoes every month and maybe a bag depending on that months stats (let's be real). The people who send me things to wear and post about are great and I appreciate having the ability to feature brands or that I have such amazing readers that support me but come on people think about it..... If a brand sends me a shirt that retails for $100 and I post about it and therefore the brands sells 100 shirts they just made $10,000 and I got a $100 shirt so you see it is NOT about the money! For me it is about having a place where I share brands I love, things I like and feel acknowledged aside from my mommy life; it gives me an avenue of expression that seems to reach people and motivate, inspire and encourages them. I get emails that melt my heart and make me thankful that my blog can help someone get outta bed and put on lipstick that day or go to the gym when they were going to skip it or buy themselves that pair of shoes that makes them smile because of something I posted or said that day.

Let me be completely honest here, I have never been the girl who has a lot of friends and is the life of the party because in actuality I am VERY shy. If I get put in a room full of people I don't know I am most likely to go stand in a corner by myself.  I have always been that way and blogging lets me open up, share and engage with all of you! I love the relationships I build with my readers and I feel responsible to you so I keep my blog as honest and "normal life" as I can.  So please know that I do what I do because I LOVE it and I get joy from watching you guys make a pencil skirt or come out of your fashion boxes. I love getting your pics and comments and I certainly don't  plan to stop but  I think that many times we forget that the people behind those computers are real, breathing people.

Blogging has it's benefits and I enjoy those benefits. It excites me when someone recognizes me on the street or when I get asked to participate in something because of my blog, I am thankful and appreciative and like any woman I like the compliments I get and if I ever feel down you guys lift me up and for all those reasons blogging has been great for me. My biggest lesson from being a blogger has been to be kind to people, be honest and most of all to be thankful that good, bad or ugly I am still relevant.

Thank you to all of my readers and fellow bloggers!

Mimi G

OOTD: Striped Shirt + Denim Skirt + Steve Madden Bag

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend. I spent a lot of my weekend in my studio working but Sunday is always family day so we carved pumpkins, I took some new head shots (below) of my son for his agent and then we watched movies. What did you guys get into? How are my east coast dolls? that storm is no joke!

Get The Look

Forever 21 Lightweight Sweater (similar) HERE  and HERE / Forever 21 Denim Skirt (old) similar HERE  and HERE / Suede Pumps (gifted) similar HERE and HERE / Necklace (gifted) / Steve Madden Bag HERE

My Little Star

My baby's new head shots ;-) I could just bite him he is so cute!

mimi g.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

(REPOST) DIY Blazer: Burda Pattern 7421

Hi Darlings! I am going over old posts and came across a DIY post I did last winter on my Burda Pattern 7421 Blazer (reviewed HERE) which I love. This pattern is one of my favorites and I plan to make it again this winter. 

Pattern Description: Misses Jacket

Pattern Sizing: I cut the smallest size

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? They were fairly simple although I used my own method of construction. I did read them over so I could mention them in this review.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like the style of the jacket.

Fabric Used: I used a Tweed I had in my stash.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None

Would you sew it again? Yes, I plan to make it again.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes! it is a really nice jacket pattern.


Front View 


Back Vent

mimi g.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Old Navy Never Looked So Good in T-shirt & Jeans

Hi Darlings! I am so worn out by today's events but wanted to share my OOTD. I rarely shop at Old Navy because I am a Gap fan but I had someone ask if I could buy something from old navy and rock it because that is where they shop a lot so when at the mall yesterday I stopped in and grabbed myself a fit. I also grabbed a really great bright orange surplus jacket that I plan to wear when it cools off again.

Get The Look

Old Navy Wide Leg Denim Trousers HERE  / Old Navy T-Shirt's HERE  / Steve Madden Handbag DSW HERE / H&M Necklace (old) similar HERE / NY&Co. Leopard Sequin Cuff HERE / NY&Co. Sunglasses (similar) HERE

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feeling Pretty OOTD: H&M Full Skirt Dress

Happy Thursday Dolls! It has been feeling pretty warm here in Cali and with an expected high of 85 today I wanted to stay cool. I have a busy weekend ahead and cant wait to get started on some projects the hubby and I are tackling together. 

BTW, I was asked yesterday regarding my hair post if my husband is a hairdresser and no not anymore. My mother-in-law made all 4 of her boys go to cosmetology and barbering school (she is a cosmetologist) now they all do hair and own salons except for the hubby who left home to be an actor after the air force ;-) he only cuts my hair now...lol

Get The Look

H&M Full Skirt Dress (old)  similar HERE and HERE  / Wild Pair Platforms (old) similar HERE / Forever 21 Necklace + Ring / Kate Spade Handbag (old) similar HERE / NY&Co. Sunglasses (similar) HERE

mimi g.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Hair

My hair seems to be a recurring "subject line" in emails I have been getting over the past few months. I have been asked numerous times what I use, if its natural, if my hair has a curl or do I curl it etc... so I am answering all the questions at one time ;-)

Q. Who cuts your hair?
A. My hubby

Q. Is it naturally curly?
A. Yes, it has a natural wavy thing going on.

Q. How often do you wash it?
A. Every other day

Q. Do you curl it?
A. No, I don't use heat on my hair. (not when it's short anyway)

Q. Do you color it?
A. No I don't dye my hair.

Q. Do you blow dry it?
A. No, I like to air dry it unless I am really rushing.

Q. Do you miss long hair?
A. Sometimes I do but there are always my wigs, LOL

Q. What product do you use? How do you style it?
A. I use d:fi sculpting wax ( I use the yellow one)  and when I wake up in the morning I spritz my hair with water to wake up the wave/curl and then I blot it dry it with a towel, mess it up in with my hands and wait for it to air dry a bit more while I get dressed. Then I take the d: fi sculpting wax and use it to define the shape.


mimi g

Weekend Fit + What He Wore + Hotel Transylvania

I would feel terrible pretending this is today's or even yesterdays OOTD (outfit if the day) when it's not, LOL but I am bit behind on some things and so I didn't have the 2hrs it takes for me to put together a post from scratch...... and since this was conveniently sitting in my drafts folder I figured what the hell so I am sharing my (past) weekend look and some fam pics and a "What He Wore"

I LOVE my animal print surplus jacket from Urban Outfitters (HERE)!

This bracelet was gifted to me by Peace Images and I love it! I got so many compliments on it and the delicate stone that hangs on the inside of your hand is so pretty.

Get The Look

Urban Outfitters Jacket HERE / JCrew Gold Belt / Express Jeans / Grey Tank / Boots (old) have no idea from where / Forever 21 Necklace + Earrings / Michael Kors Watch (similar) HERE / Peace Images Bracelet

What He Wore

Get The Look

Steve Madden Boots (similar) HERE / Dark Wash AE Jeans (similar) HERE / Denim Gap Shirt (similar) HERE / Gap Belt / AE Red Thermal (similar) HERE / Gap Cap (similar) HERE

Hotel Transylvania

Our two youngest had been asking to go to the movies and so this past weekend we took them to go see Hotel Transylvania which they loved!

mim g.