Thursday, January 31, 2013

FREE!!! 4 Week Sew-Along: Sewing 101 w/ Mimi G + Giveaway

If you have ever wanted to learn to sew but classes local to you are difficult to find? expensive? or just not what you are looking for? Then this 4 week sew-along will help turn you into a bona fide seamstress! 

The video below will explain the sew-along and how to enter the GIVEAWAY so make sure to watch.

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Every Friday I will post a new step-by-step video with that weeks lesson, handout and homework if applicable and you will get the chance to sew along other new seamstresses learning just like you. It will be like having me there with you every week! You will also be able to post your progress,  questions and finished your skirt on the FLICKR group I created (Click HERE to join) just for our little group.

This is what all you need to do to SIGN UP  for class! 
1. enter your email address in the "Follow by Email" box in my sidebar

 (If you already follow me here via email you are all set)

Simplicity.com has been generous enough to offer a GIVEAWAY of the pattern I will be using in class to two lucky winners! and I am GIVING away a $20 gift cards to help those two winners purchase fabric and notions! Enter to win by watching the video above and following the instructions given.
The Winner + Class Supplies Announced on Monday

Week #1

Sewing Machine Basic + Threading
Basic Tools and Understanding
Picking a Machine + What To Look For
How To Read Pattern Envelopes
How to Understand Measurements
How to Read The Pattern
How to Gather Tools and Fabric

Week #2

Tackling The Pattern
Reading Instructions
Understanding Pattern Markings
Fabric Layouts
Choosing Your Size
Cutting The Pattern

Week #3

Discussing Fabric
Laying Out Pattern Pieces
Grain-lines and Importance
Understanding Pattern Pieces and Instruction
Cutting The Fabric
Cutting Interfacings
Creating A Lining
Preparing For Sewing
Sewing Part 1 (Step by Step)

Week #4 

Sewing Part 2 (Step by Step)
Sewing A Lining
Applying A Waistband
Applying A Zipper
Finishing The Skirt


July Event Hotel Link! + Regal Maxi Is Back!

Hi Darlings!

I have a few things to cover today so there is no OOTD but I do have info for you.


If you plan to stay at the event hotel during the conference the JW Marriott has set up a direct link just for us to book rooms, click the link below to make your reservation.


You all know how much I am opposed to selling my clothing, LOL I just don't like retail and it takes up so much of my time keeping up with seamstresses and shipping and quality control etc. 
BUT I have been given an opportunity to continue to provide the Regal Maxi Skirt on an ongoing basis and since it continues to be so popular for my non-seamstresses who just want to buy and not make I couldn't pass it up.

You will notice a new tab below the header that reads "Mimi G Regal Maxi Skirt" that will be staying there indefinitely. You can also get to the link by going HERE

Stay Tuned Tomorrow for a NEW PROJECT + GIVEAWAY I am announcing!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Daughters Song!

Hi Darlings!

Everyone who has listened to my videos over the last few months has asked repeatedly about the song being played and I have explained that my daughter is a Singer/Songwriter and plays the acoustic guitar ;-) she is self taught and has been writing all her own music and lyrics since she was 16 and she FINALLY is allowing me to put one of her songs up, she is a little shy about putting herself out there so show my baby some love......Yay!!


Here is my baby girls first "Single" and you guys get it first!
Chastidy Goodwin: "He Says He Loves Me"

DIY IKAT Print Skirt + Pattern Review Simplicity 2512 + Special Offers!

Hi Darlings!

I am loving the 75 degree weather we are having so don't hate me if you are on the East Coat :-(
but it was nice enough today that I wore my most recent DIY skirt. I came across this Fabric at Michael Levine's which resembled an Ikat I had seen in my Jan issue of Elle by Altuzarra so I pulled out the pattern I wanted to use but since I wanted to imitate slightly the pockets on the Altuzarra skirt I drafted them and added it to the skirt. I also drafted a lining from the skirt front and back pieces to give the skirt a nice weight.  And... I have some awesome offers from SIMPLICITY.COM below!

SPECIAL OFFERS + Free Pocket Pattern!!

I have a few specials to share! First I made a PDF pattern of this POCKET that I drafted so you can download it for FREE if you want to print and use it! just click HERE to download it.

Thanks to Simplicity.com they have offered a 15% OFF any Pattern and FREE SHIPPING! Use Coupon Code: MIMIGNL15 

The Fabric I used can be found  HERE and make sure to use Coupon Code: MIMIJAN10 which  expires tomorrow!

Pattern Description: Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 2512 (previously worn HERE
Listed under special collections/Cynthia Rowley

Pattern Sizing: I cut the 6

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern once you were done sewing with it? Yes kind of

Were the instructions easy to follow? I have made this skirt before unlined and so I didn't use them this time around because I was adding the pockets and lining so I just used my own method of construction. I do remember the instructions being really clear and easy to follow.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I have been a fan of this pattern since its release, the tapered hem and gathered skirt with the high waistband are flattering.

Fabric Used: I used this great IKAT FABRIC found HERE and they also have amazing IKAT Prints to choose from, I love THIS black and blue and orange one too / Interfacing for the waistband can be found HERE 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I added a lining and created the pockets.

Would you sew it again? No, I think I'm done with this pattern for a while but you never know, lol I tend to make my favorite "Basics" in several colors and prints.

 DIY Ikat Skirt (similar) Ready Made  HERE / Fergie Heels HERE / J.Crew Gold Belt

Fergie Platforms HERE

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Hand Sewn Chanel Inspired Jacket + Pattern Review V7975

click HERE to view event info


Hello Darlings!

Thank you all so much for the support of the new tutorial! the format is so much easier now that there is no downloading required and the access to your purchase never expires. It also makes things much more efficient for me. If you have no checked out the new store front for the tutorials go HERE ;-)

I am so in love with my labor of love jacket which I posted about over the last few weeks HERE! I have been meaning to make one for such a long time but I knew the amount of work that would go into it so I kept putting it off until I found this FANTASTIC FABRIC and I could no longer wait.

 This jacket took me about 18 hours to complete from start to finish but it was well worth it and considering that 90% of it was hand sewn I think I made it up pretty quick. I had a few stabbing incident with the hand needle but overall the hand sewing wasn't too bad; I just did most of it while I watched TV. The shell or outside of the jacket is usually made from a boucle weave so to stabilize the fabric and make it more firm it is backed by silk charmeuse. The two layers are then quilted together in long rows in a matching thread color so you can't see the sewing lines on the right side. 

If you read the previous post I ended up fusing the main pieces because after I cut my fabric it was so fragile that I knew trying to handle it too much would have caused me terrible anxiety as I watched my fibers come undone, LOL and I wanted to save myself another 20 hours of work so Karl Lagerfeld, forgive me.I quilted the shell and charmeuse together and machine stitched only the side and shoulder seams of the shell (main fabric) and hand stitched everything else (you can see that in the pics in the previous post HERE

This was also my "Test" or Wearable Muslin because I have a piece of fabric that cost me $125 a yard and I did not want to cut into it until I had made an attempt at a Chanel-esque jacket first and now that I have I will tackle the next one head on. I am still waiting for the chain to come in the mail so I can hand sew it the hem but I just had to wear it (patience is a virtue I don't posses) 

For construction pics go HERE /  For the fabric go HERE  / Gap Shirt (old) / Gap Audrey Pants HERE / F21 Necklace (old) / Steve Madden Pumps (old) similar HERE

Pattern Description: Misse's Jackets

Pattern Sizing: I cut the 6

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern once you were done sewing with it? Sort of

Were the instructions easy to follow? I didn't use them as I was making a Chanel Inspired jacket I used couture techniques and hand sewed 90% of my jacket.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like that its a basic design that you can use as a shell to create whatever your mind can conjure up.

Fabric Used: Neon/Cream Multi Boucle found HERE It is unbelievably gorgeous in person!

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Like I mentioned above I had my own vision going on and although design wise and construction wise I did my own thing the basic pattern was not altered, I used the pieces as they came.

Would you sew it again? I plan to make another.

VOGUE 7975

Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY High Waist Pencil Skirt! TUTORIAL BACK UP and BETTER!!!

Hi Darlings!  

I spent all weekend working on a new format for the video tutorials and it is so great!!
After purchase you will get an email with the link to a pdf with clickable links which will contain ALL the necessary info to access the tutorial.

No more long download times!
Fast, Easy and Never Expires!

Visit the new online store www.mimigstyle.bigcartel.com to purchase now.

Only $10.99

Go HERE now to purchase

**if you purchased during the first round and had trouble email me so I can send you the new faster format.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tribal Prints!

I am waiting in my studio for all these uploads to finish and so of course I started browsing because I NEED to make myself some tribal print garments so I need to buy fabric, lol

I was looking at making a few skirts and jacket using some african inspired prints and of course I found some fabulous ones HERE these print never go out of style to me, they can ALWAYS be used.

Aren't these lovely? you can check them out HERE and if you do don't forget to use that coupon code if you haven't already for 10% off "MIMIJAN10" it expires soon.


Hi Dolls, In my effort to pump out the new tutorial in 1080p HD it seems I have made it difficult for some of you to download as it is not reading well on some of your systems. After getting a few cries for help from you lovely peeps I have pulled the buy now button for the tutorial and am uploading a new easier to download file.

Once I am done uploading the new version I will put the buy now button back up ;-) and if you have already purchased and are having issues I will get you squared away asap.

Mimi G

Friday, January 25, 2013

Have No Fear....

Hi Darlings!

The tutorial will be here, LOL I had to make some last minute tweaks but I will be posting later today!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

#DIY Turtleneck Dress + Floral Velvet Shoes

Hi Darlings, so it turns out that the footage from the SD card is corrupted and not recoverable *insert hysterical crying here* but I did manage to go home on Tuesday, take a cat nap and start filming so you will have a new tut on Friday! This week I will also be creating the trim for my "chanel-esque" jacket by taking apart the fibers in the fabric and creating a braid of sorts, I did order some trim just in case the fibers start getting on my nerve, lol

My turtleneck dress however was a breeze, the turtleneck I used to create the pattern didn't have princess seams so I added them because I needed shaping and didn't want to add darts. I drew my princess seam lines right on my turtleneck before cutting it apart (pic below) and then I just used those pieces to create the pattern on paper, added seam allowances and of course length to make it a dress.

I also MUST say that THIS fabric may be my most favorite fabric to work with! it is such a yummy wool/rayon blend that will work for anything; dresses, skirts (pencil), jackets, sweaters it is so versatile and presses like a dream! I need more if it asap in every color and it's only $15 a yard.

DIY Dress (similar style) HERE / Steve Madden Pumps (old) 
**Fabric for the dress found HERE (use your code "mimijan10" to get 10% off)**

Princess Seam Close up

Original Turtleneck