Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hi Darlings!

Let's start the year off right with a new tutorial. This is one of the most requested tutorials I get and since posting my sequin leggings from the look below the request has grown incredibly. I have also filmed a tutorial on the Mini Peplum Dress and will be posting that on Thursday!

In the video I show you two methods for drafting the pattern using an old pair of leggings and then I walk you through every step of cutting & sewing. If you want to make the leggings using sequin fabric I suggest you first watch the Sequin Maxi Tutorial HERE where I give tips on working with sequin.

Here are my suggested FABRIC choices: Stretch Double Knits HERE (make sure to check the content and buy only those with 4%-5% spandex) ITY Knits HERE / Glitter Print Knits HERE / Printed Knits HERE / Sequin Black HERE / Sequin Gold HERE / Sequin Purple HERE / Athletic Spandex HERE

My Favorite Tool: SA Curve HERE (I suggest the 5/8") 

VIDEO TUTORIAL: http://youtube.com/mimigoodwin2

Sweater F21 HERE ( I am wearing the small) similar HERE / DIY Leggings / Steve Madden Boots HERE and on sale!

PATTERN WINNER of V8601 is Dianne! email me your address doll.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Start The New Year Free of FAT TALK! #fightfattalk

This post is sponsored by Special K

Hi Darlings!

As the new year approaches we tend to make a ton of resolutions that most often than not go unfulfilled. I have a motto "If you can't start NOW, you won't start EVER" It's the same approach I took when I quit smoking almost two years ago. 

I decided that I had to stop setting "quit dates" because it just became an endless game of postponing for some reason or another. I finally realized that if I didn't want to stop badly enough to do it right that moment, I really didn't want to stop. The same goes for any changes you want to make for yourself. If you want to be healthier, loose weight or  manage your lifestyle better start now and do so without setting a unrealistic goal or time limits. Just do it with a great attitude that no matter how small or big the change is, you are moving in the right direction with good energy and thoughts.

This is what I want MOST this coming year. I want us ALL to stop the negative talk and the self deprecating jokes and instead replace them with positive and encouraging words. I want you to decide that no matter how you feel that day that you will find something positive to say to yourself and others. Be good to your body, your mind and your sprit. #fightfattalk

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"We've proven a positive approach is the key to weight management success. So we showed women what fat talk really sounds like. Let's join together to silence negativity and shout for positivity."
Join Special K and Shhhhut Down Fat Talk! Join the conversation #FightFatTalk

Friday, December 27, 2013

My Day Off! Plus One Day Only Fabric Sale!

Hi Darlings!

I am taking the day off from blogging (well sort of) and spending a little "ME" time....at the fabric store, LOL!!! okay but in all seriousness I need to share that the fabric I used for my Oversized Camel Coat and the Plaid Boucle from yesterdays post are on sale! along with all the other amazing coating at Michael Levine's.

ONE DAY ONLY! 20% OFF SALES HERE They are posting a new sale everyday this week so check their blog or Facebook tomorrow too for the new sale. Okay off I go! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's In My Handbag? Winter Ready Giveaway!! #swissherbs

*This post is sponsored by Ricola *all opinions, items and handbag are my own*
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Hi Darlings!

You would be amazed how often I am asked "Mimi, what do you carry in your handbag?" I always find it funny because as our lives change so do our handbags. When my kids were little the bottom of my bag was littered with snacks, cookie crumbs, dried up juice stains, diapers (sometimes dirty ones #dontjudgeme) lol! But now that the kids are out of my handbags and I transitioned into a designer bag junkie, my bag is now littered with much more yummy things.

During the winter you will find the likes of... a ridiculous amount of lip gloss (I never know when I want to change up during the day) some lotion because my hands are ALWAYS dry,  driving gloves (because they look cool when I have my top down), my wallet, a thumb drive (what can I say I am a blogger) my cell phone, my sunnies of course and I always carry plenty of cough drops and gum!

Naturally when Ricola asked if I would share my thoughts on their amazing #swissherbs  I jumped at the chance because Ricola is the only brand of cough drops I ever purchase for myself. I can eat them like candy (not sure you are supposed to do that) but they are so stinking good and some taste like hard candy. As you know I only share items I personally love and use so believe me when I say these are truly the best.

When the box arrived with the cough drops and info on the $100 giveaway..Oh did I not mention they are giving one of you a $100 Giftcard (Visa or Mastercard) lol YAY You!! my bad..info at the end. lol!
As I was saying, when the box arrived I opened it and it actually sang to me..RIIICOLAAAA which was hilarious because it kinda scared me. The box contained two of my fav's "Extra Strength Glacier Mint" which has a soothing syrup in the center and a bag of the  "Natural Herb Cough Drops" which by the way "are cultivated using organic farming methods without chemical pesticides to ensure optimum taste and effectiveness" What do you carry in your handbag that is a must?

For a chance to win this #swissherbs Prize Pack leave me a comment below telling me how YOU get your handbag winter-ready! 
Prize Pack Includes: 
  • Ricola Soothing Relief Kit 
  • $100 Gift Card (VISA or MasterCard)
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Fight The Fat Talk!

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*This post is sponsored by Special K

Hi Darlings!

Today I am gonna share with you something that is really important to me and has always been a point of discussion on my blog. When Special K offered me an opportunity to share their latest campaign "Fight Fat Talk" I knew I had to participate. Special K and Tyra Banks have joined forces to help change the way we women often criticize our bodies.

I have always been an advocate of empowering each other, motivating each other and being kind to one another, but sometimes the person we need to be the most encouraging, motivating and kind to is OURSELVES. Unfortunately, according to Special K, 93% of women engage in fat talk ! That number was shocking to me. It made me think of all the times I have been in a dressing room trying on jeans and nothing fits, and then it begins…..The self deprecating talk…the FAT TALK.

I for the most part try to keep a healthy lifestyle and share some of those tips here on the blog. I am also relatively healthy at 5' 4" and 128 lbs. but I will admit that there are days when I have to consciously stop myself from criticizing my body while in front the mirror; so I have learned a little trick that I am going to share with you….you ready?

When I look in the mirror and I can feel the "Fat Talk" creeping in I close my eyes, turn around and say great things to myself like: I am gorgeous,  I have a great smile, I am sexy" then I turn around and I immediately feel better and see myself as all those things. It may sound silly but I promise it works. What we say to ourselves is critical to our self esteem and all around health so please say kind things always and help "FIGHT FAT TALK" #fightfattalk

As a mommy of girls ages 9-20 I see the impact of Fat Talk first hand and how contagious it can be so I want to make sure that I always tell them how beautiful they are and stop any negative talk that may come up. Here are a few ways you can  help!

1. Avoid picking at yourself and instead focus on all the things you love abut yourself.
2. DO NOT join in when your girlfriends start to fat talk but instead point out something great abut them and shift the conversation.
3. Educated your self on the campaign and all the great things that Special K offers to help in weight management and health.

For more info on the "Fight Fat Talk" campaign and all the resources Special K provides follow the links below. Please help spread the word and make a change by sharing & using the following  #fightfattalk in your posts.