Friday, March 30, 2012

Website Review: Im All About Savings!!

Hi Guys,

I wanted to share a little gem with you today. I am a serious shopper! and I do a lot of online shopping as well but I never ever confirm my purchase before first checking for online coupons. I have used many coupon sites but today I want to share the one I like the most and I will tell you why.

So many of the online coupon sites are hard to navigate and often times look crowded which makes it really difficult to navigate but what I like about coupon chief is how clean and uncluttered the site is.

Its easy to navigate, always has coupons to so many of the shops that I purchase from like Joanns, Gojane, bakersshoes and many more. They also have a really neat "pays to share" section where you can earn some cash from sharing coupons that you may have come across.

I Got Some Sandals

The hubby took me shopping last night for some shoes and although I am DYING!!! to show you my heels I am only sharing my new sandals today ;-) I love these! 

**iphone users, if you download the American Eagle app you get an instant 20% off your purchase, which I used yesterday**

mimi g.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

You Have Kids? LOL

I keep forgetting that I have new fabulous readers that don't know that much about me so since I got some emails like "you have kids?" LOL I thought I would share my oldest two.

Me and my two oldest
 Chastidy, 18 & Lexi 14

I dont post pics of my little ones on my blog anymore because someone used them (creepy) and that was weird but my oldest two are all over the damn internet on social media madness so...lol

The little ones are: Alyssa (10) Imani (9) Alex (8) Randy (4)

mimi g.

What I Wore | Neon Lights

I might blind some folks today with this neon yellow dress, LOL!!! This was a little number I picked up at Old navy while my 18 year old daughter was shopping. I figured "what the hell" let's yield traffic today!

Old Navy Linen Blend Dress here, Wedges (old) MK Bag
Zoya Polish , MK Watch, Various Bangles and Thang's

mimi g.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY Maxi + DIY Wrap Top: Girl You Be Killin Em'

Happy Hump Day!!! I am in such a good mood today because the sun is out and I am so full of color I am about to freakin burst, lol! I made this maxi and top over the weekend and couldn't wait for it to be warm enough to wear it. I am thinking the next tutorial will be an easy peasy maxi skirt, what say you?

The skirt is a printed chiffon and the lining is a white poly. The pattern for this skirt is uber easy you just have a whole lot of gathering. It came together pretty quickly and it makes me so happy just looking at it, lol!

I used my serger for the rolled hem and an invisible zipper in the CB

NL6149 is out of print but I think you can still find it online. I read the reviews and they weren't great but I knew I could make the adjustments needed. The first thing was in every picture shown in the reviews the ties looked limp and kinda sad and I think that there just needed to be fitting adjustments made and it would have been fine. This is what I did: Took out 5/8" on each side of the pattern because I wanted the sleeves to look more raglan than dolman. I also interfaced the ties so they could hold shape and I also used a 1/2" strip of interfacing on the hem and then sewed my hem so it would be a crisp hem and not wobbly because my fabric is very light weight.

I wore it with my H&M Necklace, MK White Leather Band Watch, Green Stone Ring from F21 & misc bangles and thang's

mimi g.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I Wore After Changing This Morning, LOL

After taking pictures of my DIY color-blocked dress below I changed into this lovely, comfy and much warmer outfit. I hope sunny california gets sunny and warmer soon.

Express Boyfriend Jeans, Wild Pair Platform Pumps, Michael Kors Handbag, Forever 21 Red Blazer, Tory Burch Turn Lock Bracelet, Gifted Necklace, Leopard Belt from Target, Kate Spade Sunnies

mimi g.

DIY Dress: Colorblocking Love!


Okay I just couldn't wait so I took some pics of me in the Heidi Merrick inspired dress this morning.
Then I changed and went to work, lmbo! you will see that outfit tomorrow ;-)

I used NL 6083 and added 6.5" to the length because the pattern is for a top not a dress.
I cut the pattern into sections and added seam allowances. I wanted the back one solid color so I didn't change anything except adding the length and I wanted it to be a pullover dress so I didn't add any zippers.
I also wanted the sleeves to be a solid color so the only adjustment I made was to take them in a bit for a slim fit.

I used a crepe back satin for the dress but used the non shiny side.

When the sun is out and shining I'll take some pics for you guys ;-)

mimi g.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cali Weather *humph* What I Wore

I was so excited to show you guys my version of the Heidi Merrick color blocked dress I posted about my FB friday but this morning the damn rain and crappy cold weather put me so NOT in the mood to be cute ;-( so I am hoping for better weather tomorrow so I can show you my dress. 

What I Wore.....
cuz this stupid California weather is NOT cooperating with me!

Red Moto Jacket @ NY& Co., F21 Jeans, DIY Scarf

Steve Madden Boots, F21 Clutch

Zoya Polish "Cheryl"

mimi g.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thank You & Blogger Love Links!

Hi Guys

Thanks so much for the feedback and excitement over the DIY Pencil Skirt Tut. I am settling in for the night but wanted to share two sites with you from some lovely ladies who had nice things to say about my blog. I also want to show you the first pic of the skirt made up by a fellow blogger, YAY!!!


Here is Carol rocking the DIY Pencil Skirt she made today!

nice job Carol!

and last but certainly not least please take a moment to visit my new found friend's blog. She is funny and has great energy, love her!.....and she retweets and tweets about me, LOL!
her blog is a def good read!!


mimi g.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY Pencil Skirt: Start to Finish Tutorial w/ Video

remember this skirt?

I am so excited to share my latest tutorial for my pencil skirt! It's the fastest and easiest skirt to make, I promise. If you are a beginner or thinking of sewing your first project you can definatley try this one, there is only one seam to sew and I made the skirt start to finish in 15 min as you can see in the video ;-)
the video will help you follow along as you sew or you skip through it for a demonstration on a certain step.

Written instructions and Video Tutorial

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Michael Kors, Sorry I Knocked Off Your Dress...

Dear MK,

I love you dearly and you know I am a true fan! I own many of your handbags and tons of your jewelry/watches but recently I saw a hot pink sheath dress that I loved but the price tag was cool $1,245!
Unfortunately for me that is just not in my budget so I had no choice but to make my own version of your dress. Now, if you would be so kind and send me the belt in the picture to complete my look I would be most appreciative.

I still love you very much!
mimi g.

MK Dress $1245.00 and My Version $22.00

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Staying on Trend Without a Closet Full of One Hit Wonders!

Flats @ J. Crew $128, Maxi @ Dorthy Perkins $59, Yellow Maxi Skirt @ Net-a-porter $177, Teal Stone Necklace @ F21, Denim Jacket @ Dorothy Perkins $59
I am a shopaholic and I know it, I also like staying on trend but I DON'T like having a closet full of clothes that will have a short life span, because the trend has changed and I have to buy all new stuff!  My other beef with trends (although I do follow them to an extent) is that EVERYBODY looks the same every season and I like being set apart from the crowd.

These are my thoughts on how to follow a trend while avoiding one hit wonders!

1. Always buy clothes that you know will live through the changing trend, items that no matter what the season/trend you can wear over and over again with other classic pieces you have in your closet.

2. Color is always in trend for me because I enjoy it very much and I am not afraid to wear it but I will not buy a bunch of neon pieces because although color will remain in my closet neon brights might be a trend now, but pastels are taking over and who knows what will come next. BUY color! don't be afraid but just make sure it's not too much of ONE particular trend.

3. If you want an easy and inexpensive way to follow a particular trend without investing too much on a wardrobe then keep it simple and buy trendy small pieces like clutches,  costume jewelry etc. This way you can stay on trend while preserving your closet.

4. Animal prints are always in style and as long as it is used carefully can be worn all year long so go ahead and buy that leopard belt, clutch or pumps ;-)

mimi g.

The Winner Is!!!!!! + What I Wore

I wanted it to be fair so I added the # of comments (minus duplicates) to a random number generator and I got K.Nicole Williams Congratulations!!!! I'll email you in a bit to get your mailing address. 

I will try to hold a giveaway once a month for you guys! xoxoxo

What I Wore

My mommy asked me if I ever wear flats, LOL so mom this one is for you :-)

mimi g.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY Shorts: Pattern Review V2981 + What I Wore

Let The Sunshine In!

DIY Top shown here & New DIY Shorts 

Pattern Description: Fitted Straight Shorts

Pattern Sizing: I cut size 4

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? These are super simple so if you have made a pair of pants before you will breeze through this.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love this pattern because I never find shorts with the right fit, length or style. This pattern gives me all of that!

Fabric Used: I used a stretch sateen in bright yellow

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None

Would you sew it again? I will be making a few more of these.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes!

Conclusion: I love my pants! and I got to wear them with my DIY top I spoke about a few months ago.

Self Drafted DIY Top, DIY Pants V2981, Bebe Gold Wedges

Tory Burch Navy Sunnies, Coach Leather Bag (gifted by my mommy)

Tory Burch Turn Lock Bracelet, Chain Link Necklace (gifted), F21 Emerald Ring

mimi g.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I Wore | My DVF Dress

My Pretty Woman Dress
yes, the movie

Good Morning!!!

It is sunny and lovely outside today and I am in such a good mood I had to pull out my DVF wrap dress.
I bought this dress two years ago while shopping in NYC and I can't tell you how quickly I fell in love with the print. DVF is one of my most favorite designers because she truly understands how to dress a woman.

I know that I wrote about this two years ago when I bought the dress but I wanted to explain why I call this my "Pretty Woman Dress" When I walked into the DVF store in the meat packing district I was so excited but I had been out shopping and site seeing all day so I looked a little "relaxed" jeans, sneakers etc.

When I walked into the store I was given the cold shoulder just like they did to Julia Roberts, as if to say "you don't look like you could afford to be in here" AS IF! (I really couldn't but I was buying a damn dress not matter what the price that day) the problem was that I really wanted this wrap dress and I was determined to ignore them and enjoy the experience so off I went into the dressing room. Can I tell you that they DID NOT want to help me, LOL

I had a moment in the dressing room where I was inspecting the construction and thought "geez I could sew this up myself" but there is NO WAY I could recreate her print because she is genius! so I tried on my dress and it fit like a glove, not to mention that DVF has vanity sizing so I let myself believe that the size 0 dress I had on was really a size zero, LOL!

When I took my dress to the register the sales girl IMMEDIATELY changed her tune, then it was all about "Is there anything else I can do for you miss", " did you find everything you needed?" chick! please, I was like ring me up and stop talking to me right now, lol. I got my dress and the experience was a bit tainted by the sales girl but that had no bearing on my love for DVF and I can't use one persons ignorance to judge every single store, that was just MY experience at the NYC store.

My Dress

DVF Wrap Dress, Steve Madden Pumps

Michael Kors Chain Link Bracelet & Ring, F21 Gold Clutch and the necklace is actually the chain link strap of one of my purses, LOL!!

mimi g.

P.S. don't forget to enter the giveaway in yesterdays post!

Giveaway! & My Recent Purchase


I think it is hysterical that I wait so anxiously all day long for the UPS guy to deliver, I swear he knows it and purposely leaves my package on the truck until the end of day! Never the less he arrived and I am smitten with my new shoes. Now before I show you my new babies I will tell you about my giveaway.


I am feeling generous so I am gifting an original "Simply Mimi" Pencil Skirt, all you have to do is leave a comment and share with your friends. The skirt is made of a double knit black fabric so it is stretchy, fitted and sexy! It is a size sm/med and will fit up to a size 34-40" hip. On Thursday I will randomly select a number and announce the winner so make sure to leave a way for me to contact you.

My New Babies!

Even the bottom of the shoe is gold! lol

mimi g.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Must Haves & What I Wore

Happy Monday!

I am so ready for spring but it is cold outside so I am not looking very springy today. I do however have spring is in my heart and in my google search bar, lol here is what I have my eyes on!

Monday Must Have

 I need these in every color stat!
I am so in love with these shoes! they are currently on my lust list.

Fabulous Find

I was on pinterest this morning and saw this ring that was just gorg! so of course I had to visit the site and see what else was on there and I am happy to report that there are plenty of fabulous items to view. I had never run across this site before but I thought I would share her link and some pics. The site is called Peace Images and some of her pieces are just divine!

What I Wore: Just Trying to Stay Warm

F21 Smart Blazer, H&M Sweater, F21 Jeans, O.P.I Polish "Dating a Royal"

mimi g.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Want To Make Your Own Clothes? How To Get Started!

Happy Sunday! 

I am being asked questions this past week about what a newbie needs to get started so I wanted to cover most of those questions in this post but first let's start with a little Q&A

1. Do you sew for other people?
No. I use to do so and on very rare occasions I might if its a friend, special occasion etc. but I am a selfish seamstress all the way :-) The good news is that you can learn to sew and reap the rewards of turning a flat piece of fabric into something fantastic that you can wear.

2. Did you teach yourself or go to school?
Both, I learned to sew when I was 12 by watching my aunt who was an amazing seamstress and I fell in love. I started teaching myself to cut, sew and copy items I had in my closet and I haven't looked back. In my 20's I decided to go to "Fashion Design" school and after the first year I hadn't learned anything I hadn't already taught myself so I decided that for me the tuition was not worth it and went back to self teaching.

3.Do you think anyone can sew?
Yes. I am a true believer in that you can do whatever you want to do as long as you apply yourself. It takes, time and PATIENCE because sewing can be quite frustrating sometimes, lol.

4. How long did it take you to get to the level of sewer you are today?
I have been sewing since I was 12 years old but it was only within the last 9 years that it really became my "all I can think about" hobby and TRUST ME when I say that I had moments when I cried, yelled, and wanted to chuck my damn machine out the window from frustration and bad fitting garments but with time you start to learn your body and what works. You learn to measure yourself properly and how to pick patterns that are at your level. I have thrown out so many #fail projects it's not even funny but I also had moments of sheer happiness when I was done with a dress and it looked great and I knew that I had made it MYSELF, there is something really special about that.

It took me a long time before I could make things that I knew NO ONE could tell I had made it on my bedroom floor, lol and so can you! Now I hear things like "I don't think you made that, it doesn't look homemade" LOL that is the point right?

What do I need to get started?

1. Imagination and Creativity
2. Patience and more patience
3. A Sewing Machine
4. Fabric
5. Seam Ripper, Tape Measure, Marking Pen
6. Pattern or Idea of Project

Now that I have given  you a list of the bare basics, here are are a few details:

Sewing Machines:

I have heard some people say that they want to learn to sew but can't afford to buy a sewing machine. This may have been the case back in the day *side eye* but now you can get a great starter machine for less then $200. One of the first machines I purchased for myself was a brother, it cost me $299 and it lasted me for YEARS! I have listed a few machines that I know first hand are solid machines for a newbie.

a. Brother CS6000i Sew Advance Sew Affordable Computerized Sewing Machine $159.00
b. Janome Sewing machine. 18 Stitch Magnolia Sewing Machine 7318 $198.00
c. Janome 8077 30-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine $299.99

Patterns, Projects and More:

There are so many online tutorials (mine included) for simple and easy projects that you can use to get started without a huge investment. Sign up for pinterest and have a good time looking up DIY's that peek your interest. 

There are also patterns made by the Big 4 geared toward newbies. Simplicity has a "sew simple" pattern collection, Butterick has the "See & Sew" collection, McCalls has the "Stitch & Save" collection and Vogue has "Very Easy Vogue" If I were a complete newbie I would stay away from Vogue until you have  become comfortable with your sewing abilities. Vogue is fantastic but even their "easy" patterns are not so easy if you are not at least an intermediate seamstress.


This is the most important part of learning to sew because the more you know the better you will get.
We have the luxury of learning ANYTHING online so why not take advantage of that. Here is a list of books to read and websites to visit.



Threads Magazine is a great online and print recourse, the have great articles, tips, tricks and videos.
Pattern Review Top 10 Patterns for Beginners
Sewing Tips and Info

Don't start with stretchy knits, it will frustrate you at the very beginning. Don't start with Silks, it will slip and slide and you don't want to ruin perfectly good silk. Start with cotton fabric and non stretchy knits like matte jersey, these fabrics are more stable and easier to work with. I purchase fabric from many different sources but a good place to start would be www.fabric.com

google and youtube will become your very best friends and I am always here to help. I hope this helps you get motivated!

mimi g.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY Obi Belt Tutorial

Hello! i hope you guys are having  great weekend! I wanted to share a tutorial on how I made my obi belt so below you will find a printable pattern on 8.5" x 11 paper that you can tape together (will take you less then 5 minutes) and a printable instruction page. I have recently had new followers who have shared in an interest in sewing so I put together a 6 min video to help those new to sewing understand some of the things written on the instruction page.

I hope you like the tut :) and remember if you have any questions feel free to email me.

Download Pattern Here

Instruction Page
How-To Video

mimi g.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Seamstresses Porn

Don't get excited ladies, there is no porn on my site, lol but Erica B posted a video on How a Chanel Jacket is Made and I have been viewing similar vid's since. Erica is quite right when she says its mesmerizing because I get so excited just watching them! this is the last one I just viewed, the skill is just insane.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Ill see you all again on monday.

mimi g.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I Wore, Im Featured and I Have Eyes! LOL

Hi Guys! So I wanted to share my look of the day and also a link to my featured pics :-) but before we get to that I have been asked to show my face, LMAO I guess I do wear sunnies in all my pics so here is my face for those wanting to see that I do in fact have eyes!

I Was Featured

Thanks Fashion Bomb Daily

Here is the link is it weird that I am wondering why they chose those pics from the million pics I have? lol! Vanity I tell you ^_^ pray for me, BWHAHAHAHAH

What I Wore: Teal and Coral Make Me Smile

I am working a casual look today because last night I had an outfit picked out to wear with some new heels I bought and just before I stubbed my little toe on my damn dresser! and it hurts so I am
 rocking comfy wedges, LOL

Express Teal Skinnies, NY&Co. Silk Top, Lulu Coral Wedges, F21 Jewelry & Bag

mimi g.