Friday, March 29, 2013

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I posted this on facebook the other day so I am sharing it here for non facebook followers.....

OOTD: How to Rock Neon + Neutrals

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hi Darlings!

The winner of the sewing machine giveaway is Porsha Batis! Congrats Doll and make sure to email me your address so I can send it along to Jenell for shipping.

Mimi G

Thanks to all who participated, the winner is chosen by random drawing. 

Friday, March 22, 2013


Hi Darlings, 

I have a little resting time on my hands so I wanted to post a few pics. This has been so much fun here at Craftcation and I am beyond impressed with the founders Nicole and Delilah, it is amazing what they have accomplished! #girlpower

I am going to take advantage of my free time and leave you with a few pics. xoxo
Bernina setup the machines and the room was just great. Every notion needed was on hand and my fold over clutch kits looked so cute!

 These two ladies were so much fun and they did great!
 After class I had time to chill so the hubby and our youngest hung out for a bit.

  This is the view from my hotel room ;-)
I Heart Him

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hi Darlings!!!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far and if not maybe this will make it better!
I have the most amazing blog fans and this just proves it! Jenell has just been gifted a brand new sewing machine so she has asked me to host a giveaway of her starter sewing machine to one of you!


Elley-Gee Creative (www.e-gee.com) is a design business based in Raleigh, NC which specializes in print and web design. It is owned by Jenell Gilyard, a creative kid, from Brooklyn. NY. She has always enjoyed all things wine and arts and crafts related, but when she stumbled upon Mimi G she added sewing to the mix. After receiving a new sewing machine to replace her starter, she has teamed up with Mimi to help someone else get started on their own sewing journey.


Singer Promise 1409 (in original box)
Approximately 2.5 years old
Includes: All-Purpose Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Zipper Foot, Darning Plate for free motion sewing, Screwdriver, Bobbins 4, Needles 4 Standard, Seam Ripper / Lint Brush, Foot Pedal, Power Cord, Instruction Manual

Simplicity Pattern 2314 to follow along with My Free Sewing Class


Leave a comment here or on my facebook  
*optional* Follow Mimi G on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Good Luck! Winner Announced on SATURDAY!!

Sharing is Caring

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Perfect #DIY Cutting Table

Hi Darlings!

The first thing to get set up in the new house has to be the sewing room because I have deadlines to meet but I was in serious need of a new cutting table and so while at Ikea looking for inspiration my hubby spotted the perfect pieces to frankenbuild my table.

The difficult part was finding something that required little time to put together and that was TALL because in order to cut comfortably your cutting table should come up to just below your elbows. It also needed to have sufficient storage AND it had to have a wide enough and long enough cutting surface so we ended up choosing Ikeas TARVA Dressers and they are perfect ( they are 36" High and 61" Wide and 15" Deep which is perfect to start with) This is how we put it together to create my cutting table.

You need 2 Tarva Dressers  $149 x 2 = $298
Staple Gun = $18.99 + Stapes = $20
Muslin = 2 yards x $4 = $8
Cotton Batting = 2 yards x 6.99 = $14.00
Plywood Cut to 39 x 64 = $25

My Total $365 
Compared to retail tables @ $1600-$1800 Online and they are NEVER wide enough or have enough storage for me.
First place both dressers with their backs to each other
Now you have a width of 30"...for now and a total of 12 drawers for storage!!!!

Then go to home depot and have them cut a piece of plywood to the following dimensions
34" x 64" That is the total cutting space you now have! FABULOUS
Place your batting over the top of your plywood and then lay your muslin on top of the batting / make sure the fabric is flat and there are no ripples and then (have someone help you) flip the plywood over so you can pull and staple.
Staple one long side first, then staple the other long side and pull until snug while stapling, then do the corner of one short side, then staple in the center of the short side, then do the other corner and finish stapling the short side (do the same to the last short side left) cut off excess fabric after done.

Now turn your table top plywood over and secure to the dressers using L brackets or just leave unattached if you want. My plywood is pretty heavy so unless I push it hard its not moving.


Finished!!! Total Cutting Space is 34" by 64" and the 12 Drawers are going to give me so much storage space for all of my notions and rulers etc..
Mimi G

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lesson #4 Sewing Our Skirt Final!!

Hi Darlings

My mind and body are fried for all the moving this past weekend, I can hardly move a muscle, lol
In today's video we finish our skirt! so exciting and happy I was able to do this series.
Once things settle a bit for me I will start adding a few more short and quick tip videos.

I will be posting on and off all week because I need to unpack and get my house in order plus I am heading to Ventura Beach for Craftcation where I will be teaching two DIY classes for Bernina on Wednesday and Thursday! that will be so much fin and I will update and share via my Instagram @mimigoodwin21 and Twitter/Facebook.

Final Lesson! Let's finish our skirt. Remember to post any pics or progress shots and questions to our flickr group.

Friday, March 15, 2013

July Event Sponsor Love!

Thank you to all my amazing sponsors!! We just added the Create for Less to the list! and I have a few more coming soon. Have a great weekend! 

Lesson #4 Sewing Our Skirt Part 3

Hi Darlings!

I am up to my eyeballs in boxes and I spent 3 hrs just going through my nail polish and jewelry trying to put it in boxes for the move, lol MY closets/rooms will take the longest to pack.

Today's video covers where we left off, securing our basting, sewing on our waistband, attaching our lining. We are almost done! I am signing off until next week so I can focus on this move.

Mimi G

Thursday, March 14, 2013

OOTD: #DIY Tribal Print Skirt + Denim Shirt

Hi Darlings!

We are almost through our skirt so tomorrow I will post Part 3 and Friday part 4! so excited to see all of your skirts ;-) This sewing basics tutorial has been the only sewing I have done for myself in over three weeks! I cant wait to get settled in so I can start making my yellow Easter dress ;-)

I made my skirt from of a 1.5" yard piece of FABRIC I had picked up at Joann's I initially was going to make a tank but decided on a skirt because I don't have enough skirts in my wardrobe. I made the skirt a while ago but it was too cold to wear it, however today in Cali it is 90 degrees!

I did not use a pattern and instead made it the same way I show you how to make the Regal Maxi; I just made it short and made the waistband thinner, everything else is the same...oh I omitted the pockets.

#DIY Tribal Print Skirt / Denim Shirt (similar) HERE / Jessica Simpson Platforms HERE /
Coach Bag (old)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lesson #4 Sewing Our Skirt! Part 2

Hi Darlings! 

You guys are the best first of all! go SEE why

Below is part #2 of lesson 4: Sewing Our Skirt and we are attaching our zipper, sewing our lining and test fitting! Sorry for the short post today dolls but I am headed to get boxes to start packing because we move in two days and I have not packed a thing, LOL

Make sure to post progress pics on our FLICKR GROUP and REMEMBER sewing is fun not stressful so if you make a mistake or it's not turning out perfect IT'S OK, you are learning and trust me when I first started I was in the same place you are now so just enjoy the learning process and practice, you have already succeeded because you are TRYING and that is half the battle ;-)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Super Bad DIY Pants Version #2

Hi Darlings,

I am waiting for the lesson upload to finish and it is taking forever so I am posting my DIY OOTD and Lesson 4 part 2 will up this afternoon ;-)

Remember when I made THESE pants? well I LOVE them and knew I would be making more of these because they are supa fly and supa comfy! so last month when I came a cross a fabric at Joann I new it was perfect for this pattern. I won't review the Burda pattern again because I did that in this PREVIOUS post so you can read about it there but HERE is the link to the fabric I used to make them.

Check back this afternoon for Lesson #4 Part 2

DIY Pants (similar) HERE and HERE / F21 Blazer (old) similar HERE /
 Jessica Simpson Platforms HERE / Target White Tank / F21 Necklace (old)