Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sewing 101: Sewing a Straight Line

Sewing 101: The first step to sewing is learning to sew a straight line and get use to applying the correct pressure to your presser foot.

Print THIS PDF below, DO NOT thread your machine and using just your unthreaded needle follow my guidelines sewing slowly on the paper until you get use to it. 

**Tip: Keep your eyes focused on the guide line and NOT the needle, often times you start to look at the needle and forget to look at where you are sewing. Stay on the dashed lines and repeat until you have gotten the hang of it**



  1. very cool tool for beginners! ;)

  2. Cool beans. My daughter is following your blog now and just bought her first sewing machine. I'll have her do this. Thanks doll!

  3. Hi Mimi,

    Thank you for this...will definitely practice when I get a sewing machine.

  4. Great idea! My sister wants to learn to sew starting next year - I'm going to refer her to your site!!

  5. I am happy to have this to follow. I went to the bookstore last night to look at the books you mentioned in your blog and I was overwhelmed. I do have the Sewing 101 but I was interested in the other books. Question: Do you think I can sew skirts and a few of your projects by just learning from the one book and looking at your tutorials, or are they advanced where I need to purchase the other books?

  6. I do the exact same thing with my beginning students I have them stitch on index cards with lines. Like I say, the needle isn't going anywhere but up and down... focus on guiding your paper (or fabric) straight. Great tool for newbies. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you so much for this. I have made a few things and am getting really good at sewing in a straight line but I am basically "hiding" the fact that I need more practice. Lol. This was definitely needed.


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