Friday, August 23, 2013

17 Essential Items To Transition Into Fall!

Hi Darlings!

I hope you guys have fun plans for the weekend. I plan to get some work done and then take the girls to brunch on Sunday and a movie.

Today I am sharing my most essential causal items for transitioning into fall, I get asked about this every season so here are items I currently have, will be purchasing asap and then wearing during the early onset of fall into winter.

Essential Items


1. Utility Jacket: I have one I just bought recently and I love it so much. This jacket is great because I can wear it when I am totally casual and I can also mix it with heels, a skirt or dress and belt it. VERY functional!

2. Plaid Shirt: I also just picked one up a few days ago because I am a huge fan of collar shirts and plaid. Plaid works so great against my army green jacket  that I can dress it up or down by switching my jewelry and shoes. Gotta love easy and workable!

3. Graphic Tees: I love them and wear them often! They are easy to add to just about any look and will take your glam outfits to a more sexy, easy going look.

4. Over sized Sweater: Ummmm they are so comfy and look great with jeggins and boots...nuff said. Specifically a black and white bold striped sweater will work wonders in your closet, you wont even realize how often you can wear until you buy it.

5. Leather Look Leggings: You need them, trust me. They work with so much and are a nice change to the skinny jean.

6. Boyfriend Jeans: I mean really, they are comfy and look amazing on almost every body type. They are also fun to dress up with sexy red pumps.

7. Leopard Flats: Animal print is not going anywhere so you might as well get use to it if you are not a fan. I happen to love anything animal print and own quite a bit of it but having animal print flats will take you through any season.

8. Cognac Leather Bag: It works with every color and the gold hardware takes it up a notch. Black is just so done.

9. Leather Converse: Okay so you can pretty much replace these with a colorful sneaker or flat but if you are like me you will wear these leather high tops with EVERYTHING! and I might. They work with skirts, dresses...yep watch I will show soon, lol and always with your jeans.

10. Little Black Dress: Not a fancy one although you should have one in your closet but a casual easy to wear LBD that can be layered and worn with blazers, flats, heels and boots.

11. Front Slit Pencil Skirt: You will see them everywhere and although some are a bit on the "leggy" side a nice below or at the knee pencil skirt with a sexy slit and a little side gather will keep you looking fly and appropriate.

12. Color-Blocked Cami: Every girl needs to have cami's in the closet. The cami is my friend because I feel constricted when wearing shirts with sleeves under my blazers. The Cami is also a very sexy little top to wear with full skirts, pencil skirts and pants.

13. Full Skirt: I love full skirts/dress and so does our Flotus ;-) they are figure flattering, show just enough leg and can be worn with so much to create many different looks. You can wear it with the camisole and heels or with the converse and graphic tee or you can even wear it with the tee, utility jacket a cute belt and the leopard flats...see!

14. Floral/Graphic Pants: They work really well during the fall and give you color and interest. They also tend to camouflage areas of your body because they are a bit busy. They are also a great way to layer you r neutrals to balance the look.

15. Red Pumps: BECAUSE I SAID SO...LOL If you don't own a pair go buy some right now.

16. Gold Jewelry: I don't wear silver (well sometimes I do) but in general I love gold jewelry and I think it enhances your look in a way that sometimes silver cant. It makes things look "richer" to me and so I always buy chunky necklaces for my sweaters and tee's and I love the delicate small pieces for my dresses and those days where I feel dainty.

17. Sunglasses: It's my thing, I wear them everyday and if you can get a good pair of designer sunnies in a tortoise shell or solid black you are good for the rest of the year.

Okay, there you have my picks and essential! hope you can take a little away that may work for you.

Mimi G

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  1. I love how you share everything. Thanks

  2. Right on point.. I do own a pair of animal print flats and they are awesome.
    Just started to buy different color of bags and not just plain black.

    Graphic Tee's love them and cant get enough of them. Old Navy came out with a cute military jacket, definitely getting this and fell in love with their plaid shirts.

  3. Thanks or getting us prepared!

  4. This blog post has given me life! I've been in a real funk for the last few weeks and this just pepped me right up! Thanks!

  5. Getting my red pumps soon!!! lol

  6. I know "everybody" does gold, but Im a silver/white metal girl. I don't see it as being in or out anymore. Its my staple year round for over the past 15 years plus now.

  7. Hi Mimi -

    Thanks for the information!! Hope your weekend was good!!


  8. Yes! Time to shop!!!

  9. Thanks for the info. I'll be using this soon. Like Deborah, I'm a silver/white metal girl. It compliments my skin tone and hair much better. I do wear gold, but very seldom. You have to know what looks good on you! Thanks for your insight and suggestions, as always they are great.

  10. I just bought a pair of red pumps because you said so. They are gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear them! Thank you for the inspiration...LOVE your site.


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