Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home Decor Tutorial + My Future Closet

Hi Darlings,

So...I am converting one of the bedrooms in my home into a closet (SO EXCITED!!!!!!!) and I am in the midst of picking out my build outs, furniture and shelves. I am also looking at some foot stools and small tables to place in the center of the room and of course some DIY stuff.

While searching online for some inspiration, I decided to start documenting what I am looking at for you guys to join in on my experience.

Here are some the things I have been eyeing for my new room/closet and Michael Levine happen to post a super cool tutorial yesterday on covering a foam tuffet. I am excited to try it because I will certainly need one or two of these. HERE is the link.

The larger two build outs I plan to install from The Container Store

For the smaller wall third wall also from  The Container Store

The hubby will be busy putting up shelves similar to this so I can see all of my shoes ;-) 

I love this

I will be adding more stuff to my pinterest for inspiration ;-) Have a great day!

P.S. make sure you read yesterdays post where I announced the Blazer Tutorial early sign up and dates!


  1. Hey Mimi -

    Can't wait to see your finished project especially your shoe shelves! Thanks for taking us along for the ride :-)! Enjoy your day!

  2. A drool worthy closet indeed! Can't wait to see the finished results (^_^)

  3. Hi Mimi,

    I'm in the midst of working on my closet/guest-room project too.
    Also looked at the Container Store shelving, they are really nice but a little too
    expensive for my budget. I was able to find a bunch of great ideas from YouTube, type in closet room or closet tour. I plan on doing the same thing for my shoes but with Ikea BILLY shelves and putting the back of the shelves up one notch so it's on a slant. Got that idea from someone on Youtube. Still in the planning stages, and mine will take much longer...since my hubby is not as handy as yours and I still need the extra cash (I've been buying fabric lately and a new presser foot for my machine) ;o).

    I'm sure yours will be ab fab.......can't wait to see the end results! Ciao Felicia

    1. Thanks for the info, I am going to check out the youtube vids

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  4. Hi MiMi!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have you installed the Container Store's ELFA system before? If not, let me say, it is SUPER EASY! I love it :-)

    I have only one precaution. Buy/install in phases as opposed to buying the whole kit (or list of recommended products). After I installed my first closet, I realized some of the items were overkill and not very useful. In fact, some of the pieces just sat in the back of the closet and were never used.

    Can't wait to see the progess!

  5. I am pretty much in love with the shelves for shoes. And it made me realize I really need one too. It would be easy to look for the shoes you need when it is displayed in that way.


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