Thursday, April 24, 2014

#TBT Post: Crinkle Knit Maxi Skirt + DIY Studded Jacket

Hello Darlings! 

This was originally posted on December 26th 2012. I made this fab maxi skirt from a crinkle knit that was so yummy I bought three other colors at the time. I made the skirt using the exact method shown in my Regal Maxi Skirt Tutorial minus the sash and belt loops.  Michael Levine currently has the fabric in the following colors: ORANGE ,CHARTREUSE, DENIM BLUE, TURQUOISE and TRUFFLE

The jacket was also a #DIY where I used some felt and studs to create the patches. I blogged that DIY with instructions HERE. I am feeling better today and should be back to my normal fabulousness by Monday. I appreciate all the lovely emails I got with concern ;-) I love you guys too!!
#DIY Maxi Tutorial HERE / Fabric Options (listed above) #DIY Studded Denim Jacket Tutorial HERE


  1. Can I buy the skirt? I can't sew!

  2. Love it and I'm going to try and make it!!!

  3. Was the interfacing and invisible zipper also used with this skirt?

  4. Can you please let me know what sort of interfacing do you use on the waist band???

  5. beautiful skirt and outfit all together!

  6. Mimi... I just spent hours going through your old postings and choosing items I cannot live without. I purchased 8 patterns that I plan on attempting over the next few months. I have already purchased The Regal Maxi Tutorial but I am wondering how do I know how much material to buy if purchasing online. Is there a general guide?

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  8. i love that necklace... i use to work at the store and bought the last one, wore i once and it turned!!!! i was so upset and heart broken.


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