Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Work It Wednesday! I Heart Plaid & Slouchy Boots

Hi Darlings!

We got another week of VERY little working out on my end. I think I need you guys to encourage me, lol!! I am having a really hard time getting back on track and holding up my current schedule which only means I need to discipline myself. I don't like excuses, never have! so I don't have one except that I have CHOSEN to sleep in instead of getting my butt up. This is real life and we get off track, it happens to everyone but you MUST break out of it and I plan to do just that.

It gets even harder when the holidays are approaching, but you can do one of two things….#1 eat clean, continue your workouts and stay on track then enjoy thanksgiving day….just the day, not the entire week after, lol or #2 Just throw all your hard work out of the window because then next month and half is basically about food and sweets and why bother….I AM BEING FACETIOUS! do not do #2!

I am human. We all are, so let's do the best we can and not beat ourselves up. I need to clean out the fridge this week and restock it with fresh foods to help me stay focused. What do you guys do when you need a boost? What is on your Thanksgiving menu?

Today's OOTD is another pretty causal look. I usually don't wear "casual" back to back but this may be a casual kinda week dolls.
Target Shirt HERE / GAP Dark Jeans ( I love these)  HERE / Steve Madden Boots (similar) HERE / Target Slouchy Hat 


  1. Well, I started my weight loss journey in August of this year and because I have been eating clean (not that I haven't cheated), my stomach has become a little sensitive to the heavy, starchy, greasy foods and sweets. For me that's a good thing (keeps me from over indulging). NO traditional Thanksgiving for me, keeping it light :)

  2. I think the beret pulls the whole outfit together beautifully :)

  3. You still look so pretty....I've been anticipating my Thanksgiving feast girl!....I cant help it...I love eating!! LOL ;)

  4. #2 sounds like a plan lol.....I try to keep main eating before 6 pm. So I don't feel to guilty. Any way don't stress you are fabulous always will be.

  5. i love them boots but they aint in a girl's budget right now. cute look Mimi! :)

  6. You're always so pretty and fashion forward, Love this comfy look.....

  7. Love it. Casual all the way with these busy holidays.


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