Friday, May 23, 2014

Instagram Recap

Hi Darlings,

TGIF! Okay, so first let me start by apologizing. If you watched my free tutorial yesterday you may have noticed that at the end of it I did not not do my signature "peace" sign.....well....lol it turns out that with over 1.9 million page views and over 900K followers on social media combined only ONE PERSON finally shared with me that the peace sign in the UK is offensive! Oh my! we laughed about it, and she was so great but I did not realize that. I have a large following in the UK so I felt horrible that in essence I was giving them the finger at the end of my videos *insert horrified look on my face here* So, I apologize for my lack of knowledge and thanks for overlooking it for so long, LOL. I love you all!

Ok......so,  I am off to run errands and then to pick up my son from school (early day) so I am leaving ya'll who don't follow me on IG with a recap. I post a lot more personal pics, family shots and randomness on my IG so here is a bit of all that from the last two weeks (in no specific order)

If you have not gone to watch "Chef" yet make it a priority. I loved this movie so much that I am going to go watch it again. It had all the things that I love...humor, love, touching moments, food and Jon Favreau, LOL. Don't you just love him!

 We went to Santa Barbara for Mothers Day and had a wonderful time. Dinner was amazing and right on the water.
Mothers Day brunch at the Four Seasons was delicious! can you tell?
We wandered over to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Had a great time and even had the chance to feed a giraffe!
Okay, can we just talk about how long and slimy his tongue was? OMG, I was scared at first but then when he stuck that thing out at me, rolled the lettuce up in his tongue and then sorta smiled at me I was sold. It was fun...a little slobbery...but fun.
Last weekend we went to Six Flags and wore those kids OUT! they all fell asleep in the car on the way back home. It was so much fun to watch how fearless my kids are and how big a chicken I am, LOL! can you tell my little man is ham?

God has blessed me so much. I am so thankful.
What Instagram be without some #selfies? These sunnies are from Charming Charlie but I also saw them at Forever 21.
 I love my bed. I love sleeping.
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  1. You're simply the BEST!!! xoxo

  2. great phone dump,oh and thanks for posting about "Diymeesha" on facebook, my heart still hurts. :(

  3. Awww...great family pics! Ok I gotta admit I personally don't think you should stop giving the peace sign, I understand that to people in a different country it means sumn different. However, you live in THIS country where the peace sign is a beautiful thang :). So I say explain to them you mean no offense and keep rocking that symbol. Apparently after all this time everybody else in those countries already knew you meant no harm, and it was just this one person who chose to bring it up.

  4. Hi Mimi, I'm from the UK. The peace sign is well used here and is done with the palm facing outwards. To say 'up yours' is the two finger up with the palm inwards and the back of the hand outwards. I could never be offended by you love, I stumbled across your blog and been hooked ever since. You're blessed to have such a lovely family, keep up the hard work in all areas ! xxx J

  5. As someone born in Britain I recall the gesture being offensive if your palms are facing you...

    1. Thank you! that means I can keep doing it...properly of course. Maybe I did it the other way once or something, lol. Thank you!

  6. Loved the Instagram recap, beautiful family!

  7. Hi love how you can just share your life with us...I am a big fan all the way Cape Town,South Africa.
    And now I also have learnt that the peace sign is offence .I will form now on not use it.Thanks Mimi.
    I would like to know if it would be possible to some of your DIY pattens online ..but have been struggling way too much to do that..like to have it shipped off to my side of the world..Please Please help Mimi
    love Luniko K,Cape Town RSA.

  8. Hi Mimi ..Am totally educated regarding that matter because of you.I love what you do so much and sewing has always been a huge hobby of mine ever since I was like 9 years old.I would like to know how do I get a hold of your DIY pattens if am all the way in Cape Town,South Africa.I tried the online thing but well I have not gotten anywhere so far.Please please advise me as to what I could do .I must add that you are indeed greatly blessed...God is good hey...love Luniko K.

  9. You have such a beautiful family!! You guys look like you have so much fun together!! God bless!!

  10. You are great at what you do Mimi! Do you have any plans to come to Dallas, Texas this summer....ummm may be not this summer (100°) :-) You probably couldn't handle it but maybe this fall. Let us know!

  11. Hi Mimi!

    You are great at what you do! My girls and I love your style. Do you have any plans to come to Dallas (Texas) this summer? Well maybe not this summer (100°+) :-) but maybe the fall! Let us know...thx

  12. Hi Mimi! As the other UK girls said above, it's just the way that the palm is facing that changes the meaning of the peace sign BUT we love what you do, and how you do what you do, so keep doing it! There are lots of cultural and linguistic differences between the UK and the US - and we embrace those differences, to us in the UK you're COOL! (And by the looks of it, you're cool there too!) :)

  13. Mimi, you are just down to earth with a great talent for sewing and a lovely family. Girl, I went out and brought a sewing machine and back to sewing like I used to do in the Caribbean with my grandma. I really dont pay attention to blogs nor follow but I am most def. following you!!1


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