Thursday, May 15, 2014

#TBT New Look Pattern 6083

originally posted in April 2012

Hi Darlings,

It is #TBT so I thought I would re post one of my personal favorites. I forgot all about this LBD and this pattern. The NL 6083 was a favorite when it came out because it's so easy to manipulate. I made a color blocked dress from the same pattern in March 2012 (you can view that post HERE

The pattern is still available HERE and here are a few of the modifications I made to the pattern:
  • I added 6" to the length (this is a shirt pattern so you have to adjust) 
  • I made the neckline a v-neck
  • I shortened the sleeves and removed 1.5" from the sleeve pattern for a more fitted look. 
  • I used a stretch pique fabric in black. Michael Levine has some great quality stretch pique  HERE and don't forget to use my code "MIMI10"
The shoes were from Bebe (I think) and the bag is a Kate Spade
I got my necklace fro Charlotte Russe


  1. Stop it Mimi. Love every piece of this unit. I'm stressing now lol. XOXOX

  2. Dear Mimi, you are so skillful with working with stretch fabrics and lining them.
    It's hard to find well made stretch garments in shops so your posts show a quality of finish that is admirable. You inspire me to try to work more with stretch and as always, your accessories and shoes are fabulous.
    Cheers! J.

  3. This is cute - I like the colorblock version too. I'm thinking of doing a colorblock using the turquoise and taupe that I got from ML's. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Very Cute simple dress. What are the important things that beginners or anyone not familliar with New Look patterns know about them?

  5. I am so excited to know that there is someone out there with my taste in mind. Your fierce with it. I love the inspiration and style you have... very clean, bright, and cute. I'm 45 but I don't dress my age. And the way you make it look, it seems like I never will... Thanks for the INSPIRATION....Keep it coming

  6. I am going to attempt to make either this dress or the color block from April 18th. Which do you recommend for someone to start with? I've made one skirt for myself and clothes for my youngest son. I have very little experience.
    Side note, I have been collecting some of your pictures as outfit ideas. I never knew until last night about your site. What was once an inspiration is now reality. I can make what I've seen. Thank you, you make me believe I can do it through your tutorials. This mom of 5 can now step her game up with out killing the bank.
    Thank you again

  7. For real Mimi...I can't keep up!!! My sewing machine just won't move fast enough!

  8. Mimi....for real...I can't keep up!! This one is super cute!

  9. you look fab!!!!!
    I receive a sewing machine as a wedding present last July. I have been very busy at work since. but now I have a friend, how is a fashion designer who is teaching me how to use the sewing machine. afterwards I'll come back to your blog to copy some dresses and ideas!!!!
    you are so inspiring!!!!!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  10. You smile a lot more than you used to. Looks like you're happy. It's great to see! As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Which View did you use from the pattern?

  12. Loving the stylish way that you put the items together...

  13. Hey Mimi
    Super Sharp! and the color combo is on point too!!! Is New Look Pattern fit for a beginner? Would you please do a tutorial on making this solid dress and the color block one too!


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