Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lesson #4 Sewing Our Skirt! Part 2

Hi Darlings! 

You guys are the best first of all! go SEE why

Below is part #2 of lesson 4: Sewing Our Skirt and we are attaching our zipper, sewing our lining and test fitting! Sorry for the short post today dolls but I am headed to get boxes to start packing because we move in two days and I have not packed a thing, LOL

Make sure to post progress pics on our FLICKR GROUP and REMEMBER sewing is fun not stressful so if you make a mistake or it's not turning out perfect IT'S OK, you are learning and trust me when I first started I was in the same place you are now so just enjoy the learning process and practice, you have already succeeded because you are TRYING and that is half the battle ;-)


  1. Hey Mimi! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement :) Strangely I have this idea that everything is suppose to be perfect starting out ... and it aint

  2. Ok. So I'm an advanced sewer (I thought) and I just watched your video. I've made that butterick skirt several times for others. Let me just say I LOVE the way you put in the invisible zipper. Baste it to the seam allowance? Who knew! I've been doing it the Coat's & Clark way all these years. Damn them. Thanks Mimi!! Newbies (welcome) and listen up - she'zzz gooood!! :-)

  3. Thanks Mimi. Directions that I have read for inserting an invisible zipper have always been so convoluted. Your way is so simple.. What type of fabric is your skirt? The colors is beautiful.


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