Monday, March 4, 2013

Im Back! OOTD: Yellow Sweater + Printed Wedges

Hi Darlings!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and good thoughts! I am feeling much better and now just have to wait for my cough and runny nose to go away and I'll be back to my old self. I am so far behind that I almost had a mini panic attack yesterday just thinking of it but my hubby always helps me relax and reminds me that I have to take care of myself and that everything will be fine and it always is.

While I am working on catching up I am going to keep you busy with a giveaway or two this week  starting tomorrow :-) Today I am keeping it simple and easy and most of all comfy on my first day back in the real world and just because I needed to brighten myself up I wore a really bright sweater.
These pics were the best I could do today, lol

GAP Yellow Sweater (similar) HERE / Gap Jeans HERE / Steve Madden Wedges (similar) HERE 

Sunnies (similar) HERE , HERE & HERE / Urban Outfitters Necklace (old) 


  1. Hey Mimi -

    Glad you're feeling better! Good to see your smile. I've never been a wedge-wearer but I've started this year with some cute styles out there. Those wedges are cute! I likes!

    Take care,


  2. Definitely listen to your hubby (in this case)! Take care of yourself, and we'll be happy with a giveaway. :) I'm a little nervous to host my first giveaway soon, so I'm going to sneak a peek at how you do it. No doubt with style!

  3. Love those wedges! Glad you are feeling better. Continue to rest up. :)

  4. wish you well with your health God bless you and keep you :)

  5. Hi Mimi,

    Glad you are feeling better! love lime green.

  6. You look great as usual - glad to see you are feeling better. I bought and cut fabric to sew my strapless maxi dress, but my daughter keeps convincing me to sew doll clothes every time I pull out my machine. We have been taking apart the clothes that no longer fit her and recreating them as outfits for her American Girl Doll. It has been great practice, we have been able to share outfits with friends and Cecile has a growing wardrobe. Perhaps I can start on my spring wardrobe this weekend! :-)

  7. So glad to read that you're feeling better. Those shoes are to live for!! I love the bright yellow top too (^_^)

  8. Hi Mimi
    Glad to see you are better like the outfit.I have a question i want to purchase a couple of you tutorials but how does that work is there a certain program i will need and after order it is there a link that you will send to my email please let me know i want to order a couple tutorials.I did your pencil skirt off your you tube cant wait for our last class thank you.

    thanks Angela Roberts-Gray

  9. Simple and cute.............thanks for the post. I'm feeling the wedges and may give them a try :)

  10. hello Mimi,l am a regular reader of your blog but lve actually never commented before.l think you such an inspiration to women all over and l so love your style. Keep up the great work!!

  11. Your hubby is right! You have to take care of YOU! I'm glad you're feeling better and I love the wedges and bright top.

  12. Loving the color, especially the shoes :)

  13. Hi Mimi, I love your outfits, especially the maxi skirt. Those wedges are to die for. Where can I purchase them?


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