Thursday, December 12, 2013

Six Tricks To Layering + OOTD Puffer Vest & Coated Jeans

Hi Darlings!

Did you guys know that it gets cold in Cali? well it does, I woke up this morning and it was 20 degrees outside!!! the bright side of that is that I get to do some layering, which I really love to do.

It's funny because I just had a conversation with a girlfriend of mine who was telling me that she doesn't know how to layer properly, "How do you do it ?" That got me thinking because I have been asked that very question several times. Most people who attempt to layer say it feels uncomfortable or restrictive so I put together a few tips below to help you when attempting to work with layers.

Earhart Sunnies courtesy of Eyemusement
**For every pair of eyeglasses purchased, Eyemusement donates two dollars to Doctors Without Borders. Each donation provides two people with immunizations against rampant and fatal epidemics**

Coated Jeans (similar) HERE or HERE / Utility Jacket (similar) HERE or HERE / Puffer Vest (similar) HERE and on sale / Steve Madden Boots HERE / Coach Bag (old)  /Eyemusment " Earhart" Sunnies HERE (aren't these fab!)


  1. Ok so I have the jacket in a grey I need a black vest and I need those shoes lol
    I love your combo's
    They are very helpfull

  2. You have Great style and I mimic alot of your outfits . Thank you for sharing !

  3. Love your Style I'm a big fan , I mimic alot of your outfits posted. Thank you for sharing

  4. Thank you for the tips for layering! I'm going to give it a try. :) Thank you for helping those of us who just can't figure out how to put items together!

  5. What a fabulous Coach bag. I knew it was Coach just from looking and the color is fabulous. Back in my teenage days we used to call that color "whiskey". So warm and classic. My Coach bag has disappeared somehow but I still have three of the Dooney & Bourke bags that I bought in the 80s. I love that company. If your bag gets warn, and they cannot refurbish it, they sell you the same bag (or something close) for half-price, for your lifetime! It certainly makes purchasing their leather bags worthwhile.

    1. Thanks Nancy, you can never go wrong with the classics ;-)

  6. These are great tips! But from my point of view, which can be way off, I think layers look better and work better on small people. I'm yet to see a larger person tactfully pull off layers. I still have hope though.

  7. Thanks for the layering tips. Louisiana has that "funny" type of weather. One day its sunny with a high in the mid 80's. The next day its partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain, with a high of 50. So, yeah, layering would definitely com in handy especially in an office . Can't wait to see what combinations I come up with. By the way, LOVE THE BOOTS!!!

  8. Yes this is my style, awesome layering! but... YOU ARE REALLY ROCKIN THAT HAIRSTYLE.

  9. Cute outfit and great tips on layering

  10. Thanks for the tips! I'm pretty horrible at layering, haha.

  11. Thanks for the tips! My definition of layering is throwing on a big coat and I'm done, LOL, but that's not always cute. I am going to try out some of your suggestions.

  12. Hey! Great post. Those shoes your rocking, I want the exact ones but I don't know how they fit. Before I order them I would like a review on them. Do you feel they run big or fit true to size ? Look forward to hearing from you. :)


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