Monday, December 30, 2013

Start The New Year Free of FAT TALK! #fightfattalk

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Hi Darlings!

As the new year approaches we tend to make a ton of resolutions that most often than not go unfulfilled. I have a motto "If you can't start NOW, you won't start EVER" It's the same approach I took when I quit smoking almost two years ago. 

I decided that I had to stop setting "quit dates" because it just became an endless game of postponing for some reason or another. I finally realized that if I didn't want to stop badly enough to do it right that moment, I really didn't want to stop. The same goes for any changes you want to make for yourself. If you want to be healthier, loose weight or  manage your lifestyle better start now and do so without setting a unrealistic goal or time limits. Just do it with a great attitude that no matter how small or big the change is, you are moving in the right direction with good energy and thoughts.

This is what I want MOST this coming year. I want us ALL to stop the negative talk and the self deprecating jokes and instead replace them with positive and encouraging words. I want you to decide that no matter how you feel that day that you will find something positive to say to yourself and others. Be good to your body, your mind and your sprit. #fightfattalk

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  1. Awesome post and Happy New Year =)

  2. Hi Mimi -

    Perfect post for setting good realistic healthy-living and weight management goals!

  3. What a wonderful way to help women realize how beautiful we really are!!! Great post!!!

  4. I would love to stop the fat talk !!! Thanks for the encouragement and words of wisdom !

  5. Amazing post.... Thats just what I did Mimi I started my healthier lifestyle in November rather than doing what everyone else does by starting in Jan:)

    Melissa of Faith family fashion

  6. I totally agree with you Mimi. I'be always said action speak louder than words. I am a firm believer in that. I too started making positive changes already. Love your blog.

  7. Great advice. We are always are own worst critics.


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