Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY Sequin Maxi Video Tutorial!!!

Hi Darlings!

I am so in love with my sequin maxi's and so excited to share the super easy FREE TUTORIAL as part of my collaboration with Michael Levine! To watch the step by step video tutorial & view suggested fabrics head over the Michael Levine blog Low Price Fabric and let me know how many of these babies you will be making.

Express T-Shirt HERE / DIY Maxi Skirt HERE / Blazer (old) / Express Necklace HERE
**All links, info and video for the tutorial are on the Michael Levine Blog**


  1. OMG I love you!!!! I was just trying to figure out how to sew with sequence because I've been seeing these skirts on Pintrest then you my Angel appeared....THANK YOU JESUS FOR MIMI!!!! I love it. And by chance did you see my regal maxi skirt I posted on your facbook pg and Instagram? Love you Child!...oh just in case you didn't know....we good friends in my head....lol!


  2. This is awesome!!!! Thanks so much!!!! And you look FAB!!! Maybe the next DYI you do can be a tulle maxi skirt!!!!

  3. Mimi - you never cease to amaze me - what a gorgeous maxi! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love everything that you make,you help me soooo much.. THANK YOU MIMI !!! I don't no how or were I seen you but THANK U THANK U !!!!!! SIS YOU ROCK.......

  5. Too flipping cute! I bow down to Queen Mimi! This outfit is earythang!!!

  6. LOOOVE this Mimi!! For the holiday, ( the spirit of giving) would you like to give away this gorgeous skirt to me? That would be the perfect gift :)

  7. Gorgeous skirts, thanks for the tutorial! I have been stalking your site waiting for the next DIY, for some reason I just knew it would be an infinity scarf LOL. Yes, I know there are plenty of free tutorials on the internet, but you do such a fantastic job of explaining and simplifying things!

  8. Hey Mimi, this look is fabulous and I must have it for my New Years eve party. I'm waiting for the store to call me back with the product numbers so I can place my order. However, if you have the product numbers can you send them to me. I'm going to order the gold, the green and the lining.

    1. the post on their blog has the direct links to the exact sequins.

  9. MIMI IM in LOVE <3 with this skirt

  10. This is so festive! I don't own anything sequined, but I'd love to make this for those special nights out. Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. I seriously love love this look! That skirt is so awesome, looks stunning on you!



  12. awww thanks Mimi!...you're awesome girl!....I'll probably make one this evening....thank you so much again for sharing your know-how with us; and for FREE at that!....:))))))

  13. OMG! Mimi , My mommy bought me a sewing machine for xmas! I'm uber excited! And this tutorial was the best!!!!! It looks very simple , I hope I can do t :O
    I will try my hardest to get this done right and I will send you pictures..Now i'm off to fabric shop hehe :)

  14. Hi Mimi, Where would you wear this outfit the way you've styled it with a T-shirt and blazer or the chambray. I need ideas. Thanks, Gloria

  15. MiMi you are just to fly chile!


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